To me, collecting travels is like living alternate lives. Each destination changes me and opens my eyes to the this great, big world. Just like my heart, I wear my love of travel on my sleeve, in hopes of meeting other like minded wanderers.


If you are looking to accessorize your travels, Modcloth has beautiful items that will capture the worldly passions of the modern traveler. From jewelry to great getaway bags, express yourself with these unique finds.

red wallet

  1. Adventure Capitalist Wallet in Crimson $29.99


Gold Necklace

2. There’s a Map for That Necklace in Gold $19.99


3. Map Out of It! Earrings $19.99


4. Transiting Pretty Weekend Bag in Navy $119.99

travel wallet

5. Girl Meets Voyage Travel Wallet $44.99

selfie bag

6. Just Be Your-Selfie Bag $87.99

Mountain necklace

7. Change of Scenery Necklace $14.99


8. Fun Salutation Sun Hat $54.99



9. In the Go Necklace $19.99


10. True Brit Wallet $29.99

roam necklace

11. No Place Like Roam Necklace $29.99



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