#7daysofsex Challenge Day 3: My Choice

When I looked at the format for Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge, I have to say, this was the day I was excited about!  It was my day to get to choose what he’d like!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him later!

I have no problem admitting that I like to try new things…I am always up for going for a little ride to our local adult toy store.  Every time we go, it’s always fun.  We laugh at all the crazy toys, always find the store experts entertaining as they so eagerly help us find our next addition to our bedroom toy box.

There's something naugthy about Adult Toy Stores

As we walked hand in hand roaming the store to see if we could find something that would peak our interest.  If you haven’t been to a store like this, trust me, it’s a total turn on.  It can make you feel a little naughty, and I know that for me, the trust I have with my partner and the idea to try new things, and then to look at different options,  um, yeah, that easily gets me excited!  We found what we came there for and headed back to the house.

Steam from the shower misted our bedroom, the scent of candles burning and some erotic music playing was the mood of the room…and our purchase was a perfect addition to enhance the experience.  Ahhhh, it was a good night.  I think “my night” worked out in his favor!


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