#7daysofsex Challenge Day 4: Day Date, or Not

So the challenge of Lifetime’s 7 days of sex challenge today is called “Hump Day” with the description stating –
Get out of the house! Ask your friends what they think of the experiment and decide together where your “getaway for the day” will be. Invite your spouse to go with you via a “sexy text”.

There is something special about having a day to ourselves. I love the anticipation of making plans to go to a favorite amusement park, lay on the beach or even window shopping. I like the idea of just getting out of the house and spending time with the one I love.  I talked about this challenge with my friends, and it was pretty comical, ideas shared from a crazy get away with a couple of shocking challenges of her own, one suggesting a picnic lunch, another suggested staying in bed all day – sleeping.  One mentioned that spending a day with her guy – didn’t sound fun at all, and another saying she dreams of a day wrapped up in the sheets with her husband….all I could think of is how I love to have day dates with Donnie.  We have every other weekend to ourselves, so we are lucky to have that time and we take full advantage.

I am the planner in the relationship, sometimes a role I wish he’d consider taking over every now and then. Don’t get me wrong, he is pretty much go with the flow kind of a guy, but I like when I don’t have to do anything but just go. This date day is a challenge, for to spend a day together this week is just not possible until next weekend. Our work schedules are full and we have the girls this weekend, celebrating one of their birthdays, so we agree on a rain check. So instead we plan a nice dinner in (he cooks) and watch our favorite show that makes us laugh together and plan for a future day together in just a short week. Not exactly on the agenda, but that’s ok.

There is something precious about taking a sunset stroll.

We do take some time alone to take a long walk through our beautiful neighborhood admiring the sunset over the lake. The breeze cooling off the hot day, the smell of Spring in the air and our fingers intertwined as we walk slowly enjoying the comfort of each other makes the anticipation of what’s to come.

This time was not like the nights prior…rather nice and sweet, not earth shattering, but rather perfectly safe and secure…just as life should be.

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I have an unusual and weird affinity for bacon (crispy please) as well as wine (red) and a good cup of coffee (strong). Life is meant for living and I think I am doing a pretty darn good job putting in my time! Buckle up and hang on if you care to go along on my wild ride!

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