#7daysofsex Challenge Day 5: His “Last” Chance? Say what?

I laughed at the challenge of day 5 of Lifetime’s 7 days of sex challenge for it’s called His Last Chance – seriously – last chance for what?  As if he “fails” it we won’t do it again?  LOL  I know, it’s his last chance to blow me away during this challenge, but what will that do?  Higher my expectations forever?  ;) He started off the day as romantic to me as possible.  Fresh cup of coffee brought upstairs, “made with love” with a kiss, off to take the girls to school so I have an extra half hour to get ready without rushing…God how I love this man!  I will be anticipating him all day…..

So Lifetime sent over a pack of these cute boycut undies to wear during the week of the challenge.  He mentioned he liked them, so I wore them…and let him know it all day long.  Yes, we continued to use those text messages….we both learned that it was fun foreplay…I sent this photo to start the fun messages of the day…


Flirtatious Friday

Those outta site things keeps the thoughts going all day!

It was fun coming home to him cooking a nice meal, him playfully smacking my bottom while in the kitchen getting the place settings together.  Unshaven, he’d brush his rough chin against my neck, or kiss me like he meant it several times throughout the night…yeah, all over a pair of panties??  I’m not sure, but I can tell you crumbled up on the floor, they were certainly forgotten as he made sure if this was his “last chance” it would be one I would never forget!

Tomorrow I have to have my “last chance” – and after tonight. I. Can’t. Wait!

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