#7daysofsex Challenge Day 6: Blow His Mind

I have mixed feelings about this being the last day of being pressured assigned “to have to” make love to my guy and it being my “last chance” in Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge. This week was busy, and we both agree, having adult time is much better for us with no pressure. Not having a plan but letting things happen makes things much easier for us in the bedroom. We had fun with this challenge, but for us, we would probably plan more special times every now and then. As far as daily activity, that is a bit much in our busy lives.  However, we are always open and welcome to when the need arises (pun intended).

We had a date night that he insisted on being all about me. My choice of restaurant, my choice in movie, and a little nudge for another trip to the adult toy store. Even though it’s my night to do the planning – he knows going to the toy store is not just about me…he finds it erotically hot to get a new toy and put it to good use.


Fishnets, heels, sexy lingerie - eye candy!

So knowing his dirty side, I decided tonight I was going to play into that role and make it hot and a night that will always be remembered. Fish nets!  Something sexy to wear!

It all started with a total make out session! I LOVE to make out with Donnie. It’s hot! We then decided to enjoy each others expressions and see it all. We did it with the lights on! I think I can say of all the days of this challenge, this was the most crazy, fun night for us. It was amazing! I know I totally blew his mind :)

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