It’s #AboutTime for Another Love Story

As the air begins to turn crisp for fall, hot tea and pumpkin spice sounds perfect with an over-sized sweater and boots. I love that warm and fuzzy feeling of being curled up watching a movie, but nothing beats an old fashioned movie date after coffee. Hand holding and running from the rain to the theater is a perfect way to spend a fall evening, and starting November 8th (select theaters November 1st), you and your date can enjoy a romantic comedy that you both will love.

Universal Pictures’ About Time stars Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy as a son and father duo who can time travel thanks to a gene on the Y chromosome (sorry, ladies). Tim (Gleeson) discovers his ability after his 21st birthday, and though it seems unbelievable, he quickly learns that he can travel to anywhere he has already lived.

About Time

After meeting and nearly falling immediately in love with Mary (Rachel McAdams), Tim travels back to change something for a friend, but quickly learns that changing his past will affect his future when Mary’s phone number goes missing from his phonebook and he realizes he has no longer met her. Tim’s quest soon becomes one for love, and though he doesn’t abuse his power, he uses time travel to make sure things go smoothly in his relationship with Mary.

Time travel comes with a price, as changing the past will affect the future. His lessons are about balancing the desires for love, money, and power, as well as prioritizing those he loves. Tim’s quirky sister Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson) tests Tim’s ability to correctly manipulate life through a downward spiral of depression and an abusive relationship. The conception of a child can be affected by less than a second, and Tim learns the hard way that his children could be born entirely different people if he adjusts the timeline in which they were conceived. Kit Kat’s depression could be avoided, but the daughter Tim loves would no longer exist.

McAdams and Gleeson in About Time

In an unfortunate turn of events, Tim’s father is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and though he knows they could use their powers to virtually avoid death, Tim learns his biggest lesson about living and loving the life he has with no alteration. He is forced to choose between continuing his family with the birth of a new child, or staying in the past with his father.

About Time is comical and dramatic without becoming cheesy nor hokey. I’ll admit that The Notebook and Time Traveler’s Wife are two of my least favorite Rachel McAdams films, but About Time has an organic storyline and jokes that even your beau will appreciate. Yes, there are a few tear jerking moments, but the film was written, directed, and produced by a non-American team. There’s something about British comedy that is not so slapstick and I find makes films seem more authentic than fantastical.


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Universal Pictures
In select theaters November 1, Everywhere November 8
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