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Whether it’s camping in a state park or relaxing in a 5 star hotel ,who doesn’t love a good vacation? Unfortunately, I sometimes go a bit over board on the planning. On our last family vacation, we were putting in 14 hour days away from the hotel sight seeing, hitting theme parks, restaurants and more. While it was amazing and we got to do a ton, it didn’t exactly leave room for down time and by the end of the trip we were absolutely exhausted. By the time we arrived home, I felt like I need an extra week of vacation just to lay around and recover – a vacation after my vacation!

Wouldn’t it be great to win the #AlamoGames2Go contest for an extra $5,000 for a vacation after your vacation?! Think about it. One week of adventure and exploration followed by one week of rejuvenating R&R. If you haven’t started playing the game yet, don’t worry there is still time left this summer to capture your family fun and enter the contest!

There are four ways to get entered and you can enter to win multiple times. What I like about the entries is that they all involve having fun with your family and it may even inspire a great memory or two. It’s kind of like a photo scavenger hunt and it’s pretty fun to play. If you’re headed on vacation somewhere with your family this summer, this would be a perfect game to play to pass the time or just encourage everyone to get out and explore!

Entering the sweepstakes is really easy and can be done daily.

  1. Head over to the AlamoGames2Go Facebook tab (it’s easiest on your mobile device)
  2. Choose an Entry and Capture the Moment.
  3. Tag the photo with #AlamoGames2Go when you share it on your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine.
  4. Report where you shared your entry and you’re entered to win the sweepstakes!

Alamo Games 2 Go

Entry #1 Alamoding

Alamoding – a take on “planking,” players should strike their best driving pose and capture it in a photo

Alamo Games 2 Go

Entry #2 Alamovie

Lights, camera, action! Capture candid family moments that make your vacation or summertime special. Use Vine or Instagram to create short movies to share.
Alamo Games 2 Go

Entry #3 PixPursuit

PixPursuit is a scavenger photo hunt for the whole family. You will find a list of things to find and capture a photo of at the  #AlamoGames2Go tab – organized by location and difficulty. What is great is that they can be very general ie a coconut or like we chose, a landmark!

Alamo Games 2 Go

Entry #4 SnapFamily

SnapFamily makes you chose backdrops from the #AlamoGames2Go tab to take scenic family photos in front of! Or, find your own and snap a family shot of any fun location – like the beach!

Bonus Entry:

Complete all 4 entries in a single day and get a bonus entry.

So what are you waiting for? Create some new memories while winning prizes that will help you make more!  Head over to the AlamoGames2Go Facebook tab and get your chance to win weekly prizes (various destination themed kits; valued at $270-$330) or a grand prize of $5000 for a vacation after your vacation!

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