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Anyone Can Create Change When They Harness #SocialPower

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Anyone Can Create Change When They Harness #SocialPower

You know how sometimes you have a great idea for change, you share that idea with your friends, they agree it’s an awesome idea, and then nothing happens. It’s so frustrating, when you know your idea is beneficial to yourself and others, but you lack the resources to implement your idea.

Now, think about how they’re have been times when you learned about an issue on social media, maybe someone was slighted by a company or a community impacted by tragedy, and you were inspired to share their story or cause and make a difference. Social Power recognizes the power of one can often be as inconsequential as a drop of water, but when resources are combined, together you’re unstoppable.


Times have changed, no longer do large groups have to gather in the same city, same state and same location to march in order to grab the public’s attention. Now, anyone, anywhere, can share their issue/cause, and have the ability to be heard. So what can you change, anything you’re passionate about! Check them out and you’ll see issues like stopping online and offline bullying, wanting Chipotle to deliver, luggage tags should have GPS tracking, and many more!

You can create an issue for anything you want to change or impact, and choose the appropriate category. Just make sure its an issue that (A) has a potential resolution, and (B) is something you’re passionate about resolving! Then create your issue on social power and start sharing it through your networks. Check out other issues that have been submitted and help support those you want to see resolved.

My issue: why do we still have detention in public schools? Instead of spending money to pay a teacher to sit in a classroom with kids while they do their homework or doodle, why not have those students make a positive contribution to the community? Let’s replace detention with mandatory community service or volunteer hours.We could save taxpayers money as well as solve an issue within our own backyards, whether it’s trash pick-up, or improving the community playground, its positive change.

Anyone Can Create Change When They Harness #SocialPower

Also, I know a few high school seniors that get out of school as early as noon, since they’ve fulfilled all of their requirements. What if they volunteered or participated in a community service project in exchange for reduced college tuition or a break in student loans? (instead of working at a minimum wage job or sitting home playing video games)

Do you support my idea? Please visit my issue and share it with your Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest friends and use #socialpower to spread the word.

When 1,000 people support an issue, Social Power turns it into an initiative.

“This is when it gets exciting,” says Social Power’s co-founder and president, Daniel Gleich “Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of helping us create a resolution. We call those people ‘Agents of Change’, and once an initiative is formed, these Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving.”

What will you do to make a difference and help change today?

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