The CUJO Smart Firewall works right at the source - directly connected to your router, the first point of digital entry into your home. One of the many reasons why every connected smart home should also have a CUJO Smart Firewall. In a world of connected smart homes, it seems like just about every appliance or gadget we have in our homes are internet ready and connected. We can run just about anything in our homes from an app - which is why it's so important to also have a CUJO Smart Firewall. From turning on our lights, to controlling the thermostat, or checking in on the cat during the day, our house can be operated by the press of a button.  Unfortunately, relying on wi-fi and the internet to operate our homes also opens up a whole new market for hackers and thieves. Parents everywhere have heard the horror stories of hackers taking over their baby monitors to spy on them. But it's not just baby monitors we need to worry about - we have tablets and gaming consoles and PCs. With so many connected devices in our homes, our personal lives can literally be on display to anyone if we're not proactive.   Traditionally, security software for our homes did one of two things: monitored the internet or protected from viruses and intruders. CUJO is a smart firewall that does both to keep your connected home safe on every level. From smartphones to laptops to your Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator, CUJO secures all network connected devices against hacks and web threats. Plus, it lets you control what your kids access online and helps to keep them safe. Think of it like an anti-virus, usage timer, monitor, firewall and parental device all rolled into one.  How It Works Connect the CUJO smart firewall to your existing network and it will protect all of your devices - even the appliances. It takes just a few minutes to start. Plug the CUJO device into your router and follow step-by-step guide on your CUJO app. Once it's set up, CUJO analyzes your local network traffic data locally and in real time.  If a threat or suspicious activity is detected, CUJO will send you a notification on your mobile app to confirm it. You can then choose to manually override any of the automated blocks. Which means you don't have to worry about CUJO preventing you from websites you know are safe because you're in control all the time.  Through the mobile app you can… Control and monitor all devices on your network Receive instant threat notifications Control Internet access for select devices. Why Parents Will Love It So not only will CUJO work as an antivirus for your entire network, but it also comes with a wealth of parental controls. You can also create multiple profiles each with customizable settings. So the big kids can have different parameters than the little kids. Within the profiles, you can set internet filters, time limits, and even monitor social media which is a HUGE game changer for device monitoring. You even have the ability to pause internet - ideal for family dinners, or at bed time. All the while it's quietly working in the background to also stop viruses and other online threats. Best part is, the CUJO Smart Firewall works right at the source - directly connected to your router, the first point of digital entry into your home. This means no software installation on each individual device and no worrying about kids removing parental controls from their phones! The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Every Connected Smart Home Should Have a CUJO Smart Firewall

The CUJO Smart Firewall works right at the source – directly connected to your router, the first point of digital entry into your home. One of the many reasons why every connected smart home should also have a CUJO Smart Firewall. In a world of connected smart homes, it seems …

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