Dear Maddilyn, You’re Growing Up Too Fast For Me

Maddilyn Tru

Dear Maddilyn,

Today as I was sitting in my working spot, plowing away at a mountain of homework when you stepped away from your busy play and came to stand next to my chair. Most times you know that I’m working and you just stop over for a quick hug or a kiss and then it’s back to your play. But today you needed my attention. You said “Mom, I want you to clap and I’ll sing to you.” I had no idea what you were about to do….you did something I never seen before.


I laughed so hard I cried – I can’t believe I got this on video. As soon I I stopped crying I sent it to everyone. Then I uploaded it to Facebook and Youtube too. Your Nano and Papa called to say they have never seen anything as sweet. I’ve never been so thankful for technology. When I got the Droid DNA I was excited because it’s wide angle lens meant I could be in more pictures with you. Now it’s HD Video means I’ll have this memory to watch over and over.

I want to remember what you were like when you were this little. I’m sure you will watch these one day and cringe but I treasure each of them. In just one month you’re going to be three. Already I can see changes in you. You’re becoming even more independent, more curious, more adventurous and increasingly out spoken. You love to make people laugh, you give your sunny smile so freely and while you haven’t quite mastered a joke yet, you try – anything to make someone laugh.


I watch these movies at night when I start to feel sad that you’re growing up to fast for me. I may not be able to keep you forever but I’ll always have these.

Love, Mom

HTC DNA phone was provided by Verizon Wireless. All opinions are original.

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  1. Ashley S
    April 25, 2013 at 2:49 pm — Reply

    When life is moving to fast.. I try to slow down and enjoy the little things! My babies are growing to fast too!

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