Finally! A Cold Medicine for Toddlers Under 4

Little Remedies infant acetaminophen

Cold and Flu season can be especially hard for kids under 4. Maybe even a little harder on the parents since it makes them feel so helpless to just have to “wait it out”. Last year my daughter was relatively cold free but this year she caught one little bug and spent the next three weeks recovering from first the cold, then a stomach flu and finally a mystery fever.

I have to admit, as a mom – feeling helpless and not being able to offer her any relief was the worst part of the three weeks. Doctors hate to prescribe children under 6 anything for colds, and I don’t blame them. I just wish there were more relief options but I do what I can with what I have. Whenever my daughter is sick I arm myself with lotion tissues, chapstick, nasal spray, a vaporizer, and acetaminophen. I also keep plenty of antimicrobial sprays and cleaners handy.

Little Remedies understands the difficulty moms with toddlers go through when our little one is sick. They have two products meant to soothe our sick baby. Acetaminophen and Honey Elixir. As a discriminate shopper I wanted to know what set Little Remedies brand apart. Little Remedies believes in the adage “Less is More.” Not only do they use as few ingredients as possible but they’re also free of alcohol, artificial dyes, and artificial colors. 

The Acetaminophen is more than just a fever reduce, it also relieves the aches and pains associated with flu, teething and soar throat. I think one of the worst symptoms of a cold or flu are the body aches. When my daughter cries that her skin hurts the acetaminophen takes away the aches.

I can say with 100% honesty that I use the Little Remedies Acetaminophen whenever my daughter needs it. I also keep Little Noses Nasal Spray on hand always. My daughter gets congested frequently with allergies, and it helps soften the mucus.

Little Remedies Honey Elixir[1]

I’ve only just learned about Honey Elixir but I love that it’s for children age 1 and up – even adults can use it. The Honey Elixir is a natural alternative to cough syrup which is why it’s so safe. Everyone knows that rest is one of the best medicines for colds but when Maddilyn is up all night coughing she cant sleep. The honey soothes achey throats and coughs naturally and I can give it to her every two hours if needed! 

If you’re looking for cold and flu relief for children who can’t yet have cough syrup try Little Remedies products. They’re all natural and as a mom that makes me feel good.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Little Remedies. I received product samples as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.



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