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Confessions of A Diet Cheater: Lie, Cheat and Steal

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At what point can we no longer call it “baby weight”? One year? Two? Three? To be honest, I feel a little ridiculous calling it baby weight while walking around with a three year old. It isn’t that I haven’t tried. I have. Over the last three years, I’ve started and stopped my diets, gym memberships and work out regimens more times than I can count. But with an impending trip to a Caribbean Island where I fully intend to spend the majority of my time pool side, I’ve decided no more excuses. I’ve thrown out the junk food, reinstated the gym membership and hired a personal trainer. I’ve been more serious and more dedicated than ever before. You would think that I have it all under control, but here is the thing – I’m completely willing to lie cheat and steal. Calories that is. The worst part? I totally believe my own lies!

My biggest diet cheat is claiming (okay pretending) that something has no calories when it obviously isnt true. For instance, I recently spent a week in Orlando where I may have had a bit too much soda and I may have given in to my obsession with Cheetos. At the end of the day I simply exclaimed that they couldn’t possibly have calories because im on vacation! When my guilty consciousness got the better of me I explained the extras calories away by claiming that all the walking I did made up for the extra calories and then some – so it really doesn’t count at all, right?

I may also be dealing with amnesia because I occasionally “forget” how many serving Ive had. My husband is my biggest cheer leader and supporter. Each day he helps to hold my accountable by checking in with what I’ve eaten. I’ll run through my food for the day and admit to rewarding myself with a soda and a small handful of chips. Conveniently forgetting that one soda turned the three. Worst of all, I sometimes start to believe my own amnesia. Going so far as to thinking that clearly someone must be drinking my soda because I couldn’t possibly have had that many myself.



Honestly, it’s no wonder I’m struggling to lose the weight – I give “hidden calories” a whole new meaning. Which is why I’m so excited to participate in Green Giant’s Confessions of A Diet Cheater. Each week I’ll be sharing with you some of my worst dieting cheats and I hope you will share some of yours. (If you’d like a little laugh, check out these Caught Green-Handed Videos from Green Giant.

Over the next four weeks we will work on kicking our diet cheating habits so we can reach our goals. Thankfully, we won’t be alone – because let’s be honest we would just end up lying and cheating together.


Celebrity relationship expert Dr. Venus Nicolino, better known as Dr. V, of Bravo’s “L.A. Shrinks” will be here to help. I’m hoping her sassy humor will help us make light of the situation (phunny aren’t I?). With her help hopefully we can get more out our diets and kick our cheating ways to the curb.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Green Giant to help people beat their diet cheats. What’s your biggest diet cheat?

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  1. September 24, 2013 at 1:04 pm — Reply

    I know we all feel different about ourselves than others do, but you look fine. You look great. What I would give to look like you, at this point in my life, and my youngest is older than yours. I have tried. And I used to cheat, but I rarely do anymore. Yes, I do allow myself a soda on occasion and I do allow myself a brownie, cookie, or ice cream some times. But I used to eat like that every day and I haven’t in a long time. Limited sugar, no fast food, tons of vegetables, no junk food (with my few exceptions here and there, and really here and there)…but still can’t lose it. I hope watching this will help me, too, and help you of course. Best of luck!

  2. September 28, 2013 at 10:40 am — Reply

    I just lost the “baby weight” last year and my daughter was 8, LOL!

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