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Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio: 60 Days Until Grand Opening

Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio

I’m so excited about Aquatica San Antonio. I find myself stalking their blogs and Facebook pages for new pictures while counting down the days until they open. Last year we took the kids to Sea World in April for the weekend. Unfortunately, after one day in Sea World both kids weren’t feeling well and we left on Saturday, leaving a lot of things we wanted to do for our next trip.

With Aquatica opening on May 19, our next trip will definitely include time for Sea World to enjoy the shows and ride the rides and time to relax and cool off in Aquatica! I’m not the only one counting down, the folks at Sea World have launched a brand new Aquatica webpage complete with a countdown clock!

They’re updating the Aquatica website, Facebook page and Twitter on a regular basis with new photos and information about this unique resort water park. I’m SO excited that we’ll be able to make a short 3 hour trip down the road and enjoy a tropical oasis with something for us and the kids to enjoy, no airplanes, passports or major planning required!

After you’re in the Sea World park and before you enter Aquatica is an area called the Overlook where you have an elevated view of the water park, from there you can see Ke Re Reef and watch as visitors interact with the Stingrays.

Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio

Last year during our Sea World visit the look on our daughter’s face as she watched the Shamu show was priceless! My husband and I spent more time enjoying her reactions than we did watching the show. Our son was too young and too sleepy to watch so this year we can’t wait for both of them to share the incredible performance and this year its a new show, One Ocean, so I think we’ll all be entertained. With as excited as she was to see all of the animals I know they’ll both love the stingrays and tropical wildlife in Aquatica.

Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio

When we start getting hot and overheated, something that happens often in the sweltering Texas sun we’ll head for the new waterpark. Both kids love water as much as I do so I know we’ll want to spend a ton of time riding the rides and relaxing on the beaches inside Aquatica! Its great that they can experience a beach without us worrying about rip tides, pollution , sharks or jellyfish!

Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio

Walhalla Wave Photo Courtesy of Sea World San Antonio

Here’s a look at Stingray Falls, one of the rides I’m most excited about because all four of us will be able to ride it together (height restriction is 36in.) and it goes through an underwater grotto where we’ll get a close up with stingrays and tropical fish. I have the feeling this will be one of those the kids will want to ride over and over again.

Countdown to Aquatica San Antonio: 60 Days Until Grand Opening

Sixty more days until the park opens, I just wish we lived closer so when it does open we could go more frequently! Check out some of the construction photos to see different phases of the progress and make sure if you’re planning a trip to check out the operations calendar because even though the Grand Opening is May 19, the park won’t be open during the week until June 4.

Is anyone else counting the days? Now I just need to find a cheap ticket …


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