Taking Our Movies With Us Wherever We Go

Our DVD collection has taken quite the hit in the last few years. More specifically, since the moment my daughter learned how to operate our XBox. We have tried to teach her to carefully take the DVD out and return it to it’s case before pulling out the next DVD. She has the “carefully” part down to a science. Expertly slipping her thumb through the hole to avoid touching the sensitive underside. Unfortunately, everything else gets lost in translation.

Not even making the switch to the more durable Blu Ray was any contention. As a result we’ve started missing entire chunks of our movies due to scratches. I think my husband dies a little inside each time this happens. He is a super stickler for an organized, well curated DVD collection. Even when it’s not his movie he becomes intensely annoyed. Not that I blame him. DVD releases are $20 each and Blu Ray even more than that! We’ve started purchasing combo packs or digital copies (depending on the title), but the problem is we purchase one and at some point wish we had the other – but I refuse to pay nearly $30 to have all three copies.

VUDUsas disclaimer

Enter Walmart’s new VUDU To Go service. It allows us to convert all of our classics like Harry Potter, The Hangover and Hop, from disc to digital copy. All you have to do is insert your DVD into your computer to “prove” you own it and the software will check to make sure it’s available for conversion. Then choose the conversion option that best suits you and in about 1-2 minutes (no, you won’t have to actually convert each disc!) your movie is stored in your online VUDU library.

And it’s so much less expensive than purchasing the Digital/DVD/Blue Ray combo packs. As a matter of fact, it’s as little as just $2! (Specifically, it’s $2 to convert a DVD to Standard Definition digital copy, $2 for Blu-ray to HD, and $5 to upgrade a DVD to HDX digital.)

TRY IT FOR FREE: VUDU is currently offering a $2 credit to use towards your first conversion of a DVD or Blu-ray disc via the In-home Disc to Digital service. Note: If you want to upgrade to 1080p HDX, you will need to pay an additional $3 on your conversion.

Plus, if you convert 10 or more discs in a single transaction, you’ll get 50% off the entire transaction (as you can see by my screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 11.28.55 PM

Once converted to Digital, our movies are stored in the cloud to be retrieved at any time. It’s great for keeping Maddilyn occupied on her iPad while Jake is hogging the big screen. Even better, it’s a life saver during travel. Most hotels offer free Wifi but little in the way of TV viewing content – especially for toddlers. Having access to our DVD collection without actually packing it with us (can you imagine the baggage fees?!) is super convenient because you can DOWNLOAD them onto your device (phone, tablet, pc) AND they’re always accessible in the cloud so you can stream them if you have a wi-fi connection need to download new one for the trip home!

I would like to note that while it is not necessary for the DVD to have the “digital copy” option (meaning you can convert really old DVDs!), there are a few that I tried from our collection that were a no-go. I imagine its because this service is so new and they are still negotiating copyright issues with those specific production companies.

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