Easy DIY Mothers Day Craft For Kids: Minnie Mouse Mother’s Day Flowers

Minnie's Mother's Day Flowers, Mothers Day Crafts For Kids

Here is a little fact about my husband. He doesn’t believe in buying my flowers. Let me explain, for the first two years of our relationship I patiently waited for a bouquet of flowers. Anniversaries, holidays and special occasions passed by and flowers never came. One day I decided to ask why. It’s not that I needed flowers I just wondered what his aversion to them was. It turns out he didn’t like the idea of buying me a gift that would die, it upset him. Adorable right? It gets cuter. The following Valentines Day I got home from work to find a vase of hand crafted pipe cleaner flowers. Four years and three moves later I still have them tucked away. There were the best flowers I have ever received.

Now for all of my husbands sweet gestures he isn’t without his faults. He is notorious for waiting until the very last minute to throw together a plan for Mothers Day. I’m confident that some day my children will help him be better at this, but since Maddilyn is only 3 I’ve resorted to not-so-subtle hints. I don’t expect extravagant gifts but something thoughtful and sweet. I just want a gift from that heart, one that Maddilyn’s little fingers put together with all the love and concentration she puts into all of our craft projects.

While looking up craft projects to print out and leave on the kitchen table as a subtle hint I found this awesome mothers day craft for kids: Minnie’s Mother’s Day Flowers. They made me smile because they’re the type of flower that won’t ever die. Also because they’re simple enough for a toddler to do with the help of her dad.

Create Minnie’s Mother’s Day Flowers in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Print out the Mother’s Day flowers. Regular paper will work, but card stock will create sturdier flowers.
  2. Have an adult (daddy) create cuts along the crossed lines in the middle of each flower with a craft knife.
  3. Fold the petals of each flower toward you. Fold them at different points – like near the center, or towards the end – for different looks.
  4. Insert the bendy straw through the cut marks. You will want the flower to end up just above the bendy portion of the straw.
  5. With scissors fray the end of the straw and bend the strips away from you, towards the center of the flower.
  6. Place the flowers into a decorative and ta-da a wilt proof bouquet for mom!
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