Join Me on My Fitbit Ultra Road Challenge

I’m a blogger, which means I spend the majority of my day with my eyes glued to the computer screen and my butt glued to a chair. Believe it or not, finding 30 minutes to an hour a day to leave my house is next to impossible in my world, so don’t even get me started on trying to make it to the gym. With little motivation to MAKE the time I need to be active in my life, I’m pretty stoked have discovered The Fitbit Ultra. It doesn’t require an hour, or even 30 minutes. The Fitbit is with me every step of the day.

It tracks the smallest changes, like a few extra steps that add up to big results. The biggest perk is that is keeps me motivated. I can connect to my other friends (like MakobiScribe) who also have the Fitbit and we can compete against and support one another. You wouldn’t think so, but seeing how many steps someone else is doing and trying to “one up” them is really an effective way to get me up and moving. Check out how active I was yesterday below. This is sort of my “base” level that I will be working at improving as time goes by.

I know this should be the most exciting aspect of the Fitbit, but the techie geek in me is stoked about all of the other neat features too. This isn’t just your average pedometer. It has awesome features to count not only every step I take, but how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed, the distance I’ve gone and the calories I’ve burned.  t can tell if I’m climbing hills or stairs – which I like because I need every ounce of “credit” I can get. It even keeps an eye on me while I sleep. By wearing the Fitbit on my arm when I go to bed, it can determine me how long and how well I slept. I love checking to see how many times I woke up each morning. This is what my sleep pattern looked like last night…

Science has proven that sleep plays a crucial role on metabolism and your ability to loose weight. It only makes sense that we monitor our daily sleep just as closely as our daily exercise, right?

All of my activities, meals and sleep stats can be uploaded onto This creates a map of my progress and gives me a better picture of how I’m doing. Maybe I’ll have a bad day but  I can see that I’ve actually had an exceptional week or it could be the opposite. I can also see my progress over time. Plus, I can keep score with myself and even challenge my friends or other people in my age and fitness range.

I will be using the Fitbit Ultra to keep myself in check on the HerHighway Drive for Breast Cancer Awareness to “keep up” and track my activity levels, meals and sleep! The iPhone and Android apps for Fitbit makes monitoring my progress on the go even more convenient since I’ll be stuck in a car. I will also be “challenging” Jennifer over at on who can stay more active during this event. She is also doing the drive, but won’t be joining until Wave 3 towards the end.

I’m determined to win! So help keep me motivated or even join the challenge too! You don’t have to be a blogger or anything to “compete” with us – everyone is welcome to join so that we can support and motivate each other to be more active every day :)

Thank you to Radio Shack for providing a FitBit Ultra for purposes of my review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and no other compensation was received.

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    Definitely on my Christmas wish list!

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