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Frends Headphones For Women: Fashionable Tech or Fashion Accessory?

I spent the last week in the windy city attending one of the nations largest blogging conferences, BlogHer. Leading up to the conference the message boards were buzzing about the parties, speakers and classes but the most talked about subject? Fashion. As women, we say a lot about ourselves in the clothes that we choose to wear. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fashionista (although I would like to be) but I’m very conscious about the way that clothing has an ability to project an image.  As I packed my suitcase for the trip, I had two images in mind – business casual and chic. This ideal wardrobe was a mix of pretty but comfortable sandals, a few essential jewelry pieces, easy dresses and coordinating separates.

Having mastered the suitcase, I moved on the next equally important bag – my tech bag. These days technology is more than just a lifeline, it has the ability to speak as loudly as your clothing. Whether you’re carrying the latest smartphone, if you have a fitness tracker on your person, and even what type of case you have on your cell phone says something about who you are. They have become as much of an accessory as the perfect shoes. Unfortunately, not all technology lives up to accessory standards.

Part of the problem is that many devices are not designed with women in mind. Headphones are one of the biggest offenders. As a woman I run into many problems with them. For one, they’re generally ugly. I do not look attractive walking down the street with over sized, on-ear headphones. Neither do they fit properly. Earbuds tend to be too large and ill shaped for my small ears.

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Fortunately, just before I left for Chicago I was offered the opportunity to review a pair of Frends Taylor Over-the-Ear Headphones from Best Buy. After finding out they were designed as headphones for women I jumped on the opportunity. Plus, it gave me the perfect excuse to check out my local Best Buy Mobile Store.

Now that I have them I can’t decide if they’re a fashionable tech accessory or a tech fashion accessory. Either way I’m in love. For starters they’re gorgeous and if a Victoria’s Secret model can sport them, so can I. The jewelry inspired design is all genuine leather and hand crafted metal. Then there is the fact that they headband is designed to not catch in my bobby pins or tangle in my hair. My old headphones would give me a headache within the first half hour of wear due to the pressure on my glasses. But, the memory foam ear cushions on my Frends not only feel fantastic but they don’t painfully press on my earrings and glasses. The soft touch fabric cord is durable and yet not at odds with the leather and metal of the design. It even includes a 3 button mic with volume, music and phone control.

frends headphones for women

It’s all of these things together that sell me on the Frends headphones. I admire that comfort, and convenience are not forsaken in the name of fashion (I’m looking at YOU 6inch heels). But best of all these headphones say something about me. Typically you have 3 choices: fashion, superior technology, or a mediocre combination of both. But with the Frends, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything. I have well crafted, fashionable piece of technology that performs it’s job really well – and they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You can get Frends Headphones at your local Best Buy Mobile Specialty store and save 10% (offer only valid at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores from 7/28/13- 8/10/13). Local stores also carry smartphone and tablets from awesome brands like Samsung, Apple and more. But they’re more than just a retailer. They can help you compare plans, activate your phone, switch contacts and more.

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  1. Lily Kwan
    August 11, 2013 at 2:20 pm — Reply

    These headphones look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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