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I've learned quite a bit about new cars since my first car review a few years ago. I know the latest technology in infotainment systems and I can tell you what type of engine lies under the hood of many new model cars but as much as I could geek out about all the things I know about new cars, I admit that there isn't much I can tell you about old ones – despite owning a well aged vehicle like our 2003 Toyota 4Runner.

What I do know is that we, like most families today, need it to run like a well oiled machine, because if it isn't, then we're likely "paying for it" in some way like fuel economy. Also, with an upcoming wedding we are just not in the market for something new. I've always thought that just making sure usual was done, like getting the oil and spark plugs changed, was just about all you can do for "maintenance". Then I started noticing the truck just wasn't performing like it used to. Not that I drive it all that much to begin with, but it's started to feel sluggish and we've been getting less than average MPG. 

After a little research, I found out about Techron Fuel System Cleaner and it sounded like just what the mechanic ordered. It is used to clean the engine by preventing deposit formations left by gasoline. A dirty engine burns fuel less efficiently leading to a host of problems including wasting gas mileage because those pesky deposits can cause fuels to be improperly combusted or absorbed. The same air and fuel ratio that allows your car to maintain good gas mileage also gives the engine maximum power. But when deposits clog valves and fuel injectors, it robs the engine of power through missed time combustion, fuel absorption at intake valves, and imperfect atomization at the fuel injector. A dirty engine also burns fuel less efficiently creating more tailpipe emissions than it should. A cleaner engine mean less hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in our environment.

Now, if your head is spinning, all you need to know is this: engines are designed to run their very best when parts are kept clean. Seems like a no-brainer, right? By keeping an engine clean with Techron it allows my engine to experience maximum powerlower emissions and maximized fuel economy. This means money in your pocket and not thrown down the drain. It also means a safer vehicle to haul around my precious cargo. 

techron fuel system cleaner 2

And the best part? Not only does Pep Boys have a great price on Techron Fuel System Cleaner, it's also stupid easy to use. (Find a Pep Boys Near You)

Just pour the bottle in at the gas pump before you fill up your next tank of gas – no husband/boyfriend required!

techron fuel system cleaner 2


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