Capitol Couture Inspiration for Hunger Games “Catching Fire”

 Capitol Couture Inspiration for Hunger Games "Catching Fire" Premier

Catching Fire: Hunger Games Fashion Inspiration by Capitol Couture

When I attended the “Hunger Games” press screening last March, a line of devoted fans went through the first floor lobby, up two flights of stairs, and into the second floor lobby. A lot of those waiting in line were wearing fan shirts, some had the mockingbird emblem on them, others said Team Katniss or Team Peeta. It was a movie screening, typically a very casual event.

If you saw the “Hunger Games” you’re well aware that fashion plays a big role in the preparation leading up to the games. Capitol Couture has re-launched with more Panem inspired designs, that may provide inspiration for the “Catching Fire” premier this November. Aren’t the eyelashes on Katniss in the picture above wicked cool?

The Spring issue, Issue One: Chroma Nouveau is the first of many seasonal issues expected to be released. It has tons of information, including: exclusive new looks at “Catching Fire”; cover stories; Capitol ‘Inspired’ Looks; character profiles with in-depth information on Effie Trinkett and others; guides like how to achieve wink worthy lashes; and information about the designers behind the fashion of “Catching Fire”.

Capitol Couture Inspiration for Hunger Games "Catching Fire" Premier

Look at the sleeves on Effie Trinkett’s Capitol Couture dress, they’re fur, painted to look like feathers! Only a stylist with grace and charm, like Effie can pull off such a unique, multi-textured outfit.

Think of yourself as a fashionista, the Capitol has issued you a challenge. They want you to show them what you would wear, and how you would style yourself if you were one of the elite invited to attend the biggest event of the year,President Snow’s Victory Tour Culmination Party. Are you game? Then show & share your look by tagging it with #CapitolRedCarpet.

Stay tuned to The Capitol PN on Facebook for more District fashions, @TheCapitolPn on Twitter, Capitol Couture on Instagram.

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Surf and Sunshine

Surf and Sunshine


  1. Gianna
    June 20, 2013 at 8:49 pm — Reply

    I’ve never seen fur designed like that before, that’s pretty creative.

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