iLuv Continues to Makes it Easy to Be an iFamily

When I first got my iPad I had fantastic ideas of an uber productive me. I could work from literally anywhere with a convenient, portable, tablet. I had grandiose images of apps that could literally do just about anything for me. While my iPad is convenient, portable and I have found hundreds of apps, I still find something lacking. There are times where my iPad does exactly what I need but there are also times where I need it to act more like a computer, instances where it just isn’t as functional.

Nothing beats the speed of a keyboard or the accuracy of a mouse – no matter how sensitive a screen may be. And yet, I can’t bring myself to give up on it. There is so much potential. I just need it to be more like a laptop…and yet remain a tablet. Confusing I know, but in this day and age of technological advancement I feel like it shouldn’t be to much too ask. I mean we have toilets that operate from our iPhones (google it if you don’t believe me), we have people falling through Earth’s atmosphere and surviving. WHY can’t I find something to make my tablet more like a computer, and yet remaining a tablet like I want it?

iluv workstation pro

Well thanks to iLuv (who provided this product to facilitate this review), I found it. I got it. and I love it. The Workstation Pro turns my iPad into what “works” like a desktop.  More than just a docking system, it a place where I can transform my tablet into something more – into what I NEED. It comes with a bluetooth keyboard and a remote control. Finally, I had the speed and convenience I had been missing. I love that the arm rotates for portrait or landscape viewing options – something that few iPad cases can manage.

What I love even more is that it is multi-functional and meets the needs of not only me, but other members of my family.

iluv workstation pro 1

iluv workstation pro 2

The iLuv Workstation Pro has actually SAVED me money by allowing me to bypass buying a TV for Whistler’s room. It’s compact enough to fit in the small space available, boosts the sound of whatever he’s watching so there are no more complaints and also keeps the unit charged. I love that the on-board controls are simple enough for my toddler to learn and use, but wish that there was a way to connect the iPad to use the speaker, without charging it so that I can maintain good battery life.

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Jeana S

Jeana S

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  1. Lily Kwan
    October 11, 2013 at 10:56 pm — Reply

    This device looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

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