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I’m Team No Kid Hungry, Are You?

I'm Team No Kid Hungry, Are you?

My 2.5 year old son amazes me at how much he eats throughout a day. I’m literally in awe. He starts the mornings with a pint of blueberries, strawberries or blackberries and a yogurt. At lunch he’ll eat an entire quesadilla, along with an apple, diced tomatoes, and some chips and salsa. Within an hour he’s rummaging around in the fridge again looking for grapes or strawberries to snack on. Another snack about an hour before dinner, a healthy dinner, and sometimes another apple before bed.

While my daughter doesn’t eat nearly as much, she’s also a healthy eater that likes to snack on fruit. A few months ago, she was in the fridge looking for a snack and said, “We’re out of food!” Her voice sounded like she was panicking. Yes, the fridge and pantry were as low as they’ve ever been, because we’d been sick and hadn’t felt like grocery shopping. The panic in her voice, almost made me cry, what if she were hungry and the fridge was empty because we didn’t have the money for groceries?

I am so thankful that’s not the reason our shelves were bare. We’re fortunate, I get that, and it breaks my heart that not everyone can afford to provide their family with healthy food. Did you know there are more than 17 million families in the U.S. facing hunger? This is no longer an issue faced by developing countries, its an issue right here in our own backyards, with 1 in 5 children in America struggling with hunger.

I'm Team No Kid Hungry, Are you?

Some of us spend hours waffling over where to go for lunch or dinner, fast food or full-service, take-out or a home cooked meal, yet their are families that have no idea what they’ll eat next or where its coming from. Can you imagine seeing children cry because school is cancelled because they’ll miss breakfast or lunch?

The Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry® campaign is working to end childhood hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. The campaign helps feed kids with school meals, teaches low-income families to cook healthy,and offers affordable meals through Cooking Matters. Fighting hunger takes a big team made up of  private citizens, public officials, nonprofits, business leaders and others that work together to provide innovative hunger solutions in their communities. I call them superheroes

Together we can make a difference, are you ready to join the fight? Dust off your superhero capes and take the No Kid Hungry pledge at

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