@Lifetime #7daysofsex Challenge Day 2: His Choice

One thing I can say about my relationship with Donnie is he is my best friend.  He is my first phone call, meaning when I have something that I can’t wait to share with someone, he is the first phone call I make.  Good or bad, I want to tell him first.  For years that call would have gone to my mom, or one of my girlfriends, but since he and I have been together, he’s my first phone call.  I love that about us.

I was very excited to see what he would have in store for us on “his night” of The Seven Days of Sex Challenge.  He has a romantic side, a playful side, a freaky side…and I wondered through the day as we sent some flirtatious text messages, just what he could be planning.

Dirty little texts...total foreplay

Celebrating one of our daughter’s birthday’s meant it was going to be a very long a full day.  We get up at 5:45 in the morning, take the girls to school, go to work ourselves and usually are all home by 6:00 in the evening.  That is already a long day, but last night, we had to have our traditionally family birthday dinner for 10 which led to a late night home and two very exhausted adults.

As we got ready for bed all I could think of was how in the world would I have enough energy…funny, without saying a word I could tell he was thinking the same thing.  As we crawled into bed, being touched and cuddled minus the PJ’s was about all either of us could do.  And we were both fine with that.  Even with all the hot and crazy innuendos we had texted throughout the day only possibly happening in our dreams, all was well.  I was laying in the arms of the man I love very much, my best friend.  And that was all I needed to be satisfied.

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