Lone Ranger’s Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Bring the Characters to Life

the lone ranger movie review
Adventure in the Wild West comes to life with Jerry Bruckheimer’s reboot of “The Lone Ranger.” I was in awe of the visual effects, set dressing, make-up, and costumes from the first moments of the film. The film starts in the year 1933, coincidentally the same year “The Lone Ranger” first rode into American homes courtesy of WXYZ radio. Time seamlessly shifts between 1933 and 1869 while Tonto recounts his mission for justice with law-abiding John Reid.

Most of my knowledge of the Lone Ranger comes from the hundreds of references, spoofs, and appearances in other tv shows, movies, and life. It is a series and history woven into American culture. I am sure there are very few Americans that have not heard someone shout “Hi Ho Silver” or seen a horse ride off into the sunset to “The William Tell Overture.” I was overwhelmed by nostalgia reliving the familiar story and captivated visually.

Director Gore Verbinski and team take the audience on a larger than life ride through Texas. Bruckheimer says of Gore, “He’s highly visual and lets nothing stand in his way to create sequences that have never been seen before, and then he somehow finds a way to shoot them to the maximum effect.” I could not agree more. The audience will be swept away by the beauty of Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. As well as the strong attention to detail from the trains to Red Harrington’s gorgeous ivory leg.

Tonto leads you into the world of John Reid and his desire to live life to the letter of the law and believe in the justice of man. Only the wild west can turn justice on its head in a web of betrayal and lies. When John can no longer depend on the system, he must wear a mask and learn from the quirky Tonto. There is humor and action in every turn, while The Lone Ranger depends on the luck of being a spirit walker to save the day.

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer bring the lead characters to life in a way I did not expect. Depp weaves himself into a character that is not too campy. I was pleasantly surprised by his approach and pleased to watch him throughout the film. Helena Bonham Carter was a treat as her character Red Harrington. I did not expect the gentle southern charm that Carter was able to pour into Red, but the show was stolen by someone even more surprising: Silver. The wonderful personality that was written for the beautiful horse kept me laughing and wishing for a spirit guide of my own. Keep your eye out, because he will steal the scene again and again.

I think that Disney has a fun summer movie that will endure with the legacy of “The Lone Ranger.” I didn’t go to the theater expecting a deep and moving story, just a light hearted adventure. I felt like a kid again wishing that the movie screen would suck me in and let me be a part of the adventure too. I wanted wear the costumes, fight with the indians, and have a shoot out on top of a speeding locomotive.

I attended a press screening of this film and all opinions are my own.

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