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Help Build Futures in Madagascar This Summer With WaterAid

Help Build Futures in Madagascar This Summer With WaterAid

In the middle of the night, I get out of bed and stumble into the bathroom, only ten feet from my comfy bed. My bed, that’s in a house surrounded by walls, with a roof, while the cold air blows on me from our air conditioning. Sometimes I make more than one trip, and utter some less than PG words when I stub my toe on a LEGO or stray toy.

I’m upset the kids didn’t put their toys away. I’m disappointed my dream was interrupted. Instead, I should realize how fortunate I am to have electricity, clean water, indoor plumbing, and a roof over my head.

What if I lived in Madagascar and instead of stumbling to an indoor bathroom, I had to navigate through the brush outdoors to “pop a squat”, while avoiding snakes, bugs, etc. ? Clean water to bathe and drink, and toilets are scarce on the fourth largest island in the world.

In Madagascar, 13,000 children under five die every year due to water-related diseases.

Help Build Futures in Madagascar This Summer With WaterAid

Perlette, is 13 years old and dreams of becoming a doctor, so she can treat sick children. Sometimes she misses school, because she’s ill from drinking dirty water, and worries how it will impact her dream.

Help Build Futures in Madagascar This Summer With WaterAid

Zafera, dreams of being a midwife like her aunt. She loves studying science and geography, but feels clean water and toilets would improve her ability to stay focused.

WaterAid is on a mission this summer, to add faucets and toilets to the schools in Madagascar. Just 100 toilets and 150 taps in 31 schools, will make a positive impact in the lives of over 12,000 children. To make a difference, it will take a team effort, and they need your help!

Ernest Randriarimalala,  with WaterAid Madagascar, will be sharing stories about Perlette, Zafera, along with stories and photos of the progress from the Tsimahavaobe school in Morondava.

Make sure to follow #BuildFutures on Twitter and RT to help reduce illness and make the dreams of children in Madagascar come true! You can also visit the WaterAid Facebook page and download the photo above, to use as your cover photo and show your friends, you’re making a difference.

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