Marvel Ultimate Mentor Adventure: Be the Next Jane Foster!


In preparation of the upcoming Marvel film Thor: The Dark World, Marvel is seeking the next Jane Foster as part of their Ultimate Mentor Adventure.

Marvel Studios in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories, Dolby Laboratories, the National Academy of Science, the Girl Scouts USA and the El Capitan in Hollywood are aiming to empower females 14 years and older who are in grades 9-12, to embark on a journey to discover their potential and future in the world of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

thor and jane

“MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD ULTIMATE MENTOR ADVENTURE is a chance to inspire a generation and by doing so, to change their future –and ours – for the better,” said Victoria Alonso, EVP, Visual Effects & Post Production, Marvel Studios.

Believing that knowledge is power, girls are encouraged to get permission from their parents or legal guardians to go out in the real world and talk with successful women in their hometown that work in the STEM field. Using the Map of Mentors as a resource for finding mentors across America, girls can learn what goes into having a job in the STEM field and can see if what steps they might take to explore a STEM career themselves after high school.

After meeting real life Jane Fosters in the STEM field, girls can create a five-minute unedited video on themselves and how they’re similar to the character Jane Foster from Marvel’s Thor, for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity.

Finalists of Marvel’s THOR: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure will win a week long trip to Southern California to meet some of the most incredible women in science, be able to participate in experiments, and go behind-the-scenes all while having their adventure filmed.

On Friday, November 8th, all winners will conclude their excursion and be recognized at the premiere screening for their Ultimate Mentor Adventure documentary short that will be shown at the El Capitan Theater prior to an opening day screening of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.

For more information, rules and how to apply, visit www.ultimatementoradventure.com!

All images used with permission from Marvel.

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