Monsters University ANTHROPOLOGY 152: Monsterizing the World #MonstersUEvent

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Phew, it was my last class of the day at Monsters University and I was beginning to get hungry. But first, to learn about Monsterizing the world of MU with Instructors Dice Tsutsumi (Shading/Lighting Art Director) & Robert Kondo (Sets Art Director).

  • SOCIOLOGY 203: Deconstruction of a Character with Ricky Nierva (Production Designer) & Jason Deamer (Character Art Director)
  • ENGLISH 101: How to Tell a Great Story with Instructor Kelsey Mann (Story Supervisor)
  • PHYSICS 250: Global Illumination with JC Kalache (DP-Lighting), Sanjay Bakshi (Tech Dir) & Christine Waggoner (Simulation)
  • DRAMATIC ARTS: Bringing a Character to Life with Instructor Scott Clark (Supervising Animator)
  • ANTHROPOLOGY 152: Monsterizing the World w Dice Tsutsumi (Shading/Lighting Art Director) & Robert Kondo (Sets Art Director)

So how does one go about designing an entire campus from the ground up?! Monsters University was founded in 1313. Today you will find the founding member in the quad at the fountain, which is the oldest part of campus. The school has always been known for it’s School of Scaring and thousands of scarers attended the school before Mike and Sully – yet they are also an integral part of it’s history. The campus was designed to accommadate monsters of all types, whether they walked, slithered, swam or flew. There is even a school of aquatics for water monsters. Gives a new meaning to “swimming with the fishes” doesn’t it?

pixar Dice Tsutsumi

But more than just being built for monsters, Monsters University is a reflection of monsters. Even the ivy has a feel of monsterification. In the buildings throughout campus (and the film) you will find hints of tentacles, eyes, spikes and horns. Even the trees have eyeballs! Like most of Monstropolous the buildings are powered by screams. Everything that has energy needs a pipe running to it…this is how scream power is conducted. The buildings even have scream meters!


And with the ring of the bell it was time for lunch and the end of our super accelerated coursework for the day. Phew! Now that you have all my class notes, you’re totally ready to see Monsters University when it comes out in June. Do you already have your theater picked out!??! I do!!

I have been invited to attend Monsters University by Disney/Pixar and will receive a full scholarship to pay for all my expenses. I have promised to complete all my homework in a timely manner and not to cheat on tests.

monsters university

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters on June 21st! Register for classes online:
“Follow” Disney/Pixar on Twitter
and visit the Official Monsters University website.

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