Mike and Sulley Throw the Ultimate Tailgate Party #MonstersUPremiere

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Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 23

As a Monsters University alumni, I’d been waiting for this week to arrive since April! While taking a fast track of Monsters University courses at the Pixar campus, I got the inside scoop on the making of Mike and Sulley’s new student film about college life and how they came to be the scarers they are today. They invited us to their World Premiere in Los Angeles at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood – and boy was it a party!

Monsters University Premiere

We walked down a longer than average blue carpet and made our way to the huge pre-screening tailgate party. Everyone wore MU school colors – blue and white and the MU pep squad drum corps and cheerleaders were out in full force!

Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 18

Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 19

Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 20

At a traditional premiere, stars would walk down the red carpet followed by press and everyone is all kind of separate. But not at the Monsters University Premiere. It was all fun, games and socialization with cast, stars, families and bloggers alike. Gwen Stafani and Gavin Rossdale were so kind as to let me snap their photo!

Monsters University Premiere

I also spotted Desmond Howard,

Demond Howard Monsters University Premiere

Charlie Day,

CHarlie Day  Monsters University Premiere

and John Lasseter himself!

John Lasseter  Monsters University Premiere

Mike and Sulley remained big men off campus and were too busy hob nobbing with the stars to take a picture with little old me…but I don’t blame them!

Monsters University Premiere

My favorite part about tail gating is definitely the FOOD. This one didn’t disappoint with themed choices from national brands like Cinnabon and Subway.

Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 1 (1)

Monsters University Premiere

My old school buddy Louise (MomStart) and I spoke with the beautiful Ming Na and helped her find the right size T-Shirt for her kids. Of course there were lots of fun and games too – like a fun obstacle courses ending in a pit of eye balls and a Lowes Build and Grow clinics offering three different craft options for kids (and kids at heart) too.

Monsters University Premiere


Monsters University Premiere

As the sun began to set, the drum corp led the way into the El Capitan Theater for the World Premiere of Monsters University – which was probably a good thing because I’m not sure I could have torn myself away from the food and fun otherwise. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our review of the movie!


Sad you missed out? Don’t be! Fans with Monsters University spirit head to the legendary El Capitan Theatre to see Disney•Pixar’s Monsters University June 21st through August 7th. There you will be invited to an awesome pep rally before each showing!

“Monsters University” begins enrolling students on June 21, don’t miss class – hit your local theater before the semester is over!

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