Lunch with Monsters University Peter Sohn aka Squishy #MonstersUPremiere

Peter Sohn, voice of Monsters University Squishy Squibbles

After a long day of classes at Monsters University we sat down for an after school snack of peanut butter sandwhiches – minus the crust – and a chat with our new friend Squishy. Well, actually Peter Sohn, voice of Squishy in the new Disney Pixar Movie: Monsters University. But Peter Sohn is more than just the voice of Squishy, the man is a jack of all trades. Despite holding the title of Director, Animator, Story Artist, Voice Actor, and Cinematographer in over a half a dozen movies he is incredibly down to earth. Peter started his career with Pixar in the art and story department for Finding Nemo and has experienced success in numerous films since including Up, Wall-E, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Party Cloudy and Brave.

Peter Sohn, voice of Monsters University Squishy Squibbles

When developing the character of Squishy, Peter said that Disney Pixar “..wanted that nerdy, sincere quality…that’s what I do!” Even though the character was modeled after him, and they share an uncanny resemblance, Peter doesn’t see Squishy as him anymore because the character has become his own thing. When Peter started talking about his work at Disney Pixar his excitement and passion was evident – he even offered and performed “the squishy dance” (which you will see in Monsters University) on a whim for us! Like I said, he was incredibly humble and down to earth and everyone loved the opportunity to speak with him. A pure delight!

Peter Sohn, voice of Monsters University Squishy Squibbles

He went on to explain that Disney movies tell stories so visually that they transcend language barriers. Personally, I think thats one of the reasons why kids love them. Even though my toddler may not be able to fully grasp every plot point of a movie, visually they understand how the characters are feeling and that’s what I think really engages them. Monsters University has elements of the classic 80’s movie which he loves. We could have sat talking with him all day, he was so ernest. It’s no wonder why Disney Pixar also based Russell, the boy in Disney Pixars UP from Pete.

Did you see Monsters University in theaters this weekend? What did you think of Peter Sohns work as Squishy?

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