Otter Pops are a Tasty and Entertaining Summer Treat

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Summer is a time for running through sprinklers, outdoor showers, days at the beach and delicious cold treats like popsicles. Growing up, my parents would buy them for us by the hundred count boxes but of course those could barely be called flavored sugar water. These days there are better options – both healthier and tastier, like Otter Pops. All Otter Pops are made with real fruit juice, and some varieties even contain 100% fruit juice , but none of them contain major allergens (yay!).

But more than just being fun to eat, Otter Pops are entertaining too. With adult supervision (of course) kids can go online and meet the six Otter Popstars – charming Poncho Punch, history buff Alexander the Grape, Strawberry Short Kook, jazzy Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange, and Sir Isaac Lime. Each flavor has their own personality and the kids can learn about them through their fun bios. My toddler quickly fell in love with Louie-Bloo Rasberry. I have a suspicion that blue being both his favorite color and flavor played a small part.

Otter Pops

Kids can also listen to music, watch videos and check out fun things like learning how to make their own drum set or reading a poem. After we had entertained ourselves for over 15minutes on the website we thought we 'otter make our own artwork. We're currently vacationing at our lake house and at night we can ear and sometimes even see the otters frolicking along the shores or popping their head out of the water. Mosying down the beach to see if we could spot any we decided to draw an otter face in the sand, complete with stick whiskers.

Otter Pops

According to the toddler if we drew a smiling Otter face the otter friends would know it's okay to come play with us. I happen to thing thats great #toddlerlogic – if you're friendly they will come. Of course, being willing to share an Otter Pop or two won't hurt your chances of making a new friend either.

Meet the whole gang when you visit Otter Pops on Facebook.

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