Put Your Best Smile Forward For A Great First Impression

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Nothing can replace a first impression. You may be able to redeem yourself but there will always be the memory of that first moment. Thus, they say, it’s important to put your best foot forward but I tend to disagree. I think it’s most important to put your best smile forward. A smile can do so many things. It can disarm the grumpy old man down the street, dazzle the man of your dreams, or make your future boss look twice.

But most importantly, it can leave a lasting impression – good or bad. Fair or not, people are judged by things that may seem as trivial as a smile. More than being a pretty face, your oral hygiene can say a lot about you. Show up to an interview with less than fresh breath, or coffee stained teeth and people are going to make assumptions about your the effort you brought today and thus, your character.

Even though I work from home I never know where a day out may take me and I always leave the house looking my best. That includes my smile. I have always kept my teeth clean with a twice daily brushing but my mouth never feels more clean then when I add mouth wash to my routine. Not only does it feel clean, but it stays that way longer.

Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash keeps working even after eating and drinking*. Not only does it keep breath fresh and cut down on that gritty, grime but it works at what is most important, your mouths health.  It kills 99% of germs and then protects your mouth against them over the next 12 hours. It also helps prevent gingivitis and reduces plaque.

Put your knowledge to the test with the Colgate® Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash Challenge, and see how much it really works. I was pleasantly surprised that it freshens breath without the burn of alcohol. But my favorite feature was the 12 hour protection. With 12 hour protection I can feel comfortable putting my best smile forward for a great first impression – no matter who I may run into. I can feel confident in my smile, after all it’s a woman’s best, secret weapon.

*TIP* – Dollar General offers Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash for a great price.

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