Rolling Out the Red Carpet for the 2014 Kia Cadenza

The first time I rode in a Kia, I must have been about 7 years old. As we tried to accelerate from a stop, the poor Sephia stalled out, and that was the first time I understood cars are more complicated than stop and go. Since then, Kia has continued to improve their offerings to include a variety of styles, and more recently, those adorable hamsters grooving around town with their Soul. In 2009, Kia released their fist full-size luxury sedan in its home country of South Korea, and now, the Cadenza will be making it’s debut on roads in the United States.

I was recently invited to test drive the 2014 Kia Cadenza in very posh Hollywood style. Kia hosted a launch party at celebrity hotspot sushi lounge Nobu. Before dining and admiring a gorgeous Kia logo ice sculpture, I took the Cadenza to the streets of LA to experience their new wave of driving.

kia cadenza

My mom was my date, and with our genes, it’s difficult to find a passenger vehicle with enough head clearance and leg room. Before the drive, we both situated quite easily into the car, as the back seats include an inset ceiling to accommodate adults, and there is plenty of legroom for the driver to have a seat adjusted back with a passenger sitting comfortably behind them. With seatbelts on, we were ready to roll!

Handing the Cadenza was a joy. The ride was smooth regardless of Los Angeles’s half-broken pavement. Accelerating was a breeze with a curved pedal designed to be more ergonomic for your foot for long periods of driving, which makes the Cadenza a surprising candidate for road trips. If keeping your foot steadily on the gas isn’t your preferred means on the open road, a smart system cruise control will keep you a safe distance from anyone in front of you by actually applying the brakes when you’re coming close.

kia cadenza dash

Two additional features on the 2014 Cadenza include a blind spot detection system, and xenon headlights with an adaptive front lighting system. Luckily, I didn’t need to use the blind spot detection, but should any vehicles be looming close behind, an icon would illuminate on the side view mirrors. The AFLS lights adjust their position based on your speed and steering to help you see ahead or around corners with ease.

The 2014 Kia Cadenza is feature rich, but the price tag is completely reasonable. Suggested retail pricing begins upwards of $35,000, plus many upgrade options including a Thin Film Transistor gauge display (which is gorgeous, by the way) and push-to-start ignition.

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