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Shaklee 180 Results + My Favorite Summer Exercises

Shaklee 180

Best Summer Exercises Shaklee 180 Month 4 Update

Four months on the Shaklee 180 Blogger Program, and no, I’m not rockin’ the bikini body. No surprise there, but I do look a lot better in my swimsuit than I did last season. If you’re holding your breath for a picture, well you might just pass out. I know most people focus on getting fit for summer, but I find it much easier to be active and exercise during the summer, than any other season. See how in the photo, I cover as much of my body as possible when in a swimsuit!

What are the best exercises for summer?

  • Swimming: my favorite way to burn calories, or any exercise in the pool using the water as resistance. Swimming covers all the bases with cardio, strength, and improving flexibility while using all of your muscle groups. 
  • Kayaking: according to Live Strong, a 165-pound person burns approximately 375 calories per hour while maintaining a moderate, steady paddle
  • Stand up Paddleboarding or surfing: a great way to enjoy the water, while working out your arms and engaging your core
  • Biking: I try and ride a bike at least three times a week for three miles. Its a great way to increase lower body strength while getting a cardio workout.
  • Hiking or rock climbing: get out and explore the great outdoors and give your calves a workout
  • Yoga: great indoor exercise

Check out Fitness Magazine’s toning water exercises for more ways to maximize your pool time this summer. They suggest using a beach ball, but I use a volleyball.  Also, one of my favorite exercises in the pool, involves bending my legs into my chest and swimming a lap using just my arms. You’ll definitely feel the burn, and see tone in your arms and shoulders.

Month 4 Update:

3/30/13   Weight: 139   6/27 Weight: 148.4

Hips: 41.3 inches                        Hips: 37.3
Chest: 33.6 inches                     Chest: 30.5
Bicep: 11 inches                          Bicep: 10.2
Waist: 37.9 inches                     Waist: 36.6

What is your favorite way to stay fit in the summer?

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Surf and Sunshine

Surf and Sunshine


  1. June 28, 2013 at 4:59 am — Reply

    I like swimming in the ocean, biking, and kayaking. Its all about fresh air for me.

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