Side Effects Movie Giveaway: See Channing Tatum At Your Place

Want To Watch Channing Tatum At Your Place? Side Effects Giveaway

In February, a friend and I attended a press screening of Channing Tatum’s latest film “Side Effects”. If you read my review of Side Effects, you know that I tip toed around the plot because I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. That hasn’t changed. For those of you that haven’t seen Director Steven Sodenbergh’s last film, its similar to “Basic Instinct” or “Fatal Attraction”, but with a bit more depth.

Martin Taylor (Channing Tatum) is getting ready to be released after serving a four year prison sentence for insider trading. His young wife Emily (Rooney Mara), is struggling to adjust to her new life which has suffered a significant downgrade from living the high life, to working in a cubicle. Suffering from depression, Emily attempts suicide by driving her car into the wall of her office’s parking garage.

Emily convinces Dr. Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), emergency-room psychiatrist, that she wants to get better, and her attempt was a momentary lapse of judgment. He agrees to release her into Martin’s supervision, if she’ll see him in his office on an outpatient treatment regimen. Dispensing SSRI’s like Zoloft, Prozac and eventually Ablexa, in an attempt to find a solution to Emily’s illness, Martin focuses on a new drug with flashy ads that promise results.

In an attempt to better understand Emily’s bout with depression, he also consults Dr. Siebert (Catherine Zeta Jones), a psychiatrist that previously treated Emily. When Emily begins experiencing side effects from Ablexa, Banks has to decide if the benefits outweigh the cons.

Without any spoilers, I’ll tell you this is definitely one of those films you want to see more than once, because chances are you missed something the first time around. Besides, not like you need a reason to watch Channing Tatum, right? The talented cast combined with the unpredictable plot, come together to make the perfect psychological thriller.

Side Effects is available on DVD and Blu-ray combo pack this Tuesday, or you can enter to win a copy from us right here!

The Giveaway

1 lucky winner will win a copy of Side Effects on Blu-Ray.

How to Enter to Win

Please use this easy giveaway form below to record your entries – good luck!!

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