summer wedding appetizer recipes
Source Jerry James Stone

Sometimes those summer weddings end up being on one of the most sweltering days of the season. These popsicles from Jerry James Stone have champagne and edible flowers to make a beautiful and refreshing treat.

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  1. These are the most appetizing appetizers I have seen. I will look at each and every recipe and save it for a time when I would be hosting a party at home. Will share this with my sister too. She loves having friends over at her house.

  2. I love the BLT bites and the wateremlon with goat cheese. They look so good. I will check each and every recipe and save them. You’ll never know when you will be tasked to be a party hostess.

  3. I love serving finger foods. You can make a bigger variety and yo can impress at the same time. I want to try a few of these. I’ve done the BLT tea bites before, they’re always a hit

  4. We have so many weddings to attend this summer. None that we have to help plan though, so far. :) I love the planning part though, it’s fun. Especially the food and appetizer menu.

  5. I really need to start building a grocery list so I can start trying some of these cool appetizers. I’d be pretty excited if I was able to try them at someone’s wedding!

  6. Oh the lovely wedding appetizers, surely this will save people a lot of time having a one stop location for some brilliant recipe ideas. Appreciate you sharing, I know someone getting married soon, will pass these ideas along!

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