summer wedding appetizer recipes
Source A Food Centric Life

These cute little bites are just watermelon with goat cheese and a cucumber accent. A Food Centric Life came up with this yummy appetizer.


  1. These are the most appetizing appetizers I have seen. I will look at each and every recipe and save it for a time when I would be hosting a party at home. Will share this with my sister too. She loves having friends over at her house.

  2. I love the BLT bites and the wateremlon with goat cheese. They look so good. I will check each and every recipe and save them. You’ll never know when you will be tasked to be a party hostess.

  3. I love serving finger foods. You can make a bigger variety and yo can impress at the same time. I want to try a few of these. I’ve done the BLT tea bites before, they’re always a hit

  4. We have so many weddings to attend this summer. None that we have to help plan though, so far. :) I love the planning part though, it’s fun. Especially the food and appetizer menu.

  5. I really need to start building a grocery list so I can start trying some of these cool appetizers. I’d be pretty excited if I was able to try them at someone’s wedding!

  6. Oh the lovely wedding appetizers, surely this will save people a lot of time having a one stop location for some brilliant recipe ideas. Appreciate you sharing, I know someone getting married soon, will pass these ideas along!

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