Change Your Shower Head for More Beautiful Hair?

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Seeing as how I hardly ever leave my house anymore (aside from traveling the world, I mean), I also don’t “do” anything with my hair on a daily basis anymore either. Just the basic wash and air dry each day. You would think the absence of the daily use blow dryers and curling irons would leave my hair in great condition, right? Yet somehow my hair is pretty lifeless, dull and not “pretty”. (I may have made a really poor decision to get a digital perm last year.) Determined that it can’t possibly be all my fault, after a little research I discovered that another factor could be the amount of chlorine in our water. Did you know that regular household water can contain half as much chlorine as a pool?!? Imagine what that does to your skin and hair? Yuck. 

I was recently introduced to the T3 Source Showerhead by T3 Micro. Utilizing Tourmaline, precious metals and minerals, the T3 is able to remove up to 95% of chlorine from my shower water. In hopes of having healthier hair, I agreed to install, use and share my experience with you. So let’s start with the installation. In general, shower heads are super easy to install (no plumber or even husband necessary!) and the T3 isn’t any different with just 4 simple steps:

t3 source showerhead filter review

Step 1: Identify your old, probably old, and probably lime encrusted showerhead. Remove the ugly beast and feel like you could actually take on being a plumber one day, if needed.

t3 source showerhead filter review

Step 2: Remove old remnants of plumbers tape and wrap with new (included in box) in a clockwise direction. Plumbers tape is used to create a tighter, water proof seal. Don’t forget it or you’ll be faced with “the squirts”!

t3 source showerhead filter review

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Step 3: Screw on the new T3 Source Shower Filter.

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Step 4: Barricade bathroom door and claim handywoman victory by taking the first, sure to be interrupted, shower.

After that it was just a matter of enjoying any of the 8 premium spray settings while I showered each day, allowing the T3 Source to work it’s magic on my hair. The “magic” is a chemical filtration process known as “Redox.” The T3 Source Shower Filter Showerhead transforms chlorine into elements too large to be absorbed by my hair and skin, resulting in a purported:

  • 64% reduction in Frizz
  • 28% increase in Body
  • 47% increase in Comb-ability
  • 28% increase in Shine

After a week of use, I can report that while I haven’t seen a noticeable reduction in frizz, it is easier to comb my hair and I do feel like it looks shinier. The biggest difference I have noticed is my skin. I’m horrible at remembering to put on lotion and usually have very dry skin on my legs and arms. Well, I’m still horrible at remembering to lotion up, but luckily my skin is actually not as dry! I’m really happy with this outcome and have no plans on going back to the old showerhead. This one is definitely a keeper!

*NOTE* as well any filtration system, the filter does need to be replaced – once every 3-6 months.


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  1. Lily Kwan
    September 1, 2013 at 3:55 am — Reply

    This showerhead looks very nice. Thanks for the helpful installation tutorial!

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