Cinderella Diamond Edition: A Timeless Classic


A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. I still remember my first pair of super awesome light up shoes. Mine were cooler than cool because they also had Cinderella on them! I remember I got them one night shortly after the start of 1st grade and I couldn't sleep that night in anticipation of showing them off the next day.  While it feels like so … [Read more...]

Have a True Fairy Tale Wedding With The Disney Cinderella Collection


A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Every girl dreams and dreams of their big day. From the groom to the cake, everything is meticulously planned and ideas are fostered for years. I always dreamed of my wedding day and growing up I wanted a Cinderella inspired wedding. I wanted the horse drawn carriage, the ball gown, and the handsome groom - skip the evil step sisters … [Read more...]

Life is Starting To Feel Like A Disney Fairy Tale Adventure


I've been all over the east coast and down to Florida, but I can honestly say this princess has never been further west than Colorado. What kind of modern day heroine am I?! Well, I'm the kind that's starting to feel a little bit like a fish out of a really good way. Why, you may ask? Because I have an amazing adventure coming up August 22nd. An adventure … [Read more...]