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Rustic Wedding Craft: DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces

My little sister’s wedding is just one month away and it’s crunch time! It’s been a bit of whirlwind these last few months with many last minute date and even theme changes! She went back and forth on the direction of the wedding. Did she want fun and flirty or romantic …


A BIG Hug: DIY Father’s Day Card

While I was away on a business trip my daughter went to stay with her grandparents. Because of scheduling conflicts she ended up being away for 6 whole days. I knew that when she got home she was going to need some special one on one time with mommy. To …

DIY Minnie Mouse Valentines Card 2
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DIY Minnie Mouse Valentine Card

Valentines Day is right around the corner and Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has some really fun Valentines Day products for your toddler! But first, check out the fun DIY Minnie Mouse Valentine Card it inspired us to make.  DIY Minnie Mouse Valentine Card 1 Piece of Dark Red Scrapbook Paper …


DIY Thanksgiving Crafts from Crayola #ColorfulThanks

If you’re like our family, you probably have a variety of arts and craft products laying around the house. Some of our favorites include washable finger paints and washable markers from Crayola. November, and Thanksgiving in particular, provides perfect inspiration to create new crafts, traditions and memories. This year Crayola is …

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How To Have A Very Merry Mickey Christmas

The holidays are a time for family traditions, singing christmas carols, baking holiday treats, spending time with family and friends, and magic. What better way to gather your friends and family to revel in a bit of magic than with a Mickey Mouse Christmas. Whether you and the kids want …

Assassin Pumpkin

Fun Halloween Party Games: Creating Toilet Paper Costumes

Halloween is a big deal around our house. We love the chance to dress up in costumes and get silly for the night but it wouldn’t be any fun by ourselves. We lure our friends over for an annual Halloween party with promises of delicious treats, many games and a …

DIY Forget It Not Board

Create a Simple DIY “Forget It Not” Board that’s Functional and Decorative!

I don’t know about your family but mine is BUSY. Between school, work, family, bills, social events and doctors appointments I had a hard time keeping track of it all in my iPhone. Hence, I decided I needed a calender but I hate just hanging a calender on the wall …

How to Make Your Own Play Dough (Doh)

{DIY} How to Make Your Own Play Dough (Play-Doh)

My kids were out of school for a couple of days this week. At first I was excited thinking of all of the fun things we could do. The nice leisurely mornings with time to make pancakes and dally around in PJs. The fun afternoons where we would perhaps visit …


{Thanksgiving Craft} Tootsie Turkey

Look at this cute little turkey! This is precisely my kind of craft because I think I can pull it off, even with my severe craftiness handicap!  These would be really fun place cards on the Thanksgiving table too (maybe finagle something out of orange card stock to make them stand up …


Playing with Food!

Need a summertime craft activity?  Play with your food – I am serious! It’s fun….sticky, but fun! I was watching a friend’s daughter while she took her son to the Dr. last week. And I was thinking of something crafty to do yet didn’t cost a lot of money. Then …