{Recipe} Lasagna Soup


I love lasagna, but I hate  actually making lasagna. It's a pretty labor intensive meal. So when I saw this lasagna soup the other day and thought it was the perfect compromise. All the flavor and texture of lasagna but without all of the work! This soup was AMAZING. My husband proclaims it is now on his list of favorite meals ever. The kids also loved it, even my … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Orzo Salad

Kathryn Beaumont (1)

If I've learned one thing since I've started photographing my food, it is that I eat way too late to take a decently lit picture of my dinner. Sorry about that! Of course it doesn't help matters that it gets dark before 5:30pm these days, but I promise to try harder to eat earlier! This light salad came together very quickly and was absolutely delicious! If you … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Broccoli and Bowties

broccoli pasta

Broccoli and Bowties As you can see from the picture, this dish might be more aptly named Broccoli and Whatever Obscure Pasta You Have in Your Pantry, but that just didn't flow as nicely. When I was deep in the throes of morning sickness my dear neighbor brought me this delightful pasta dish. I smiled as she handed it to me and thanked her, knowing full well that it … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa Salad Have you tried quinoa (keen-wah)? It's all the craze! I had never even heard of it a year ago and now quinoa recipes are popping up all over the web.  Why the sudden interest?  Well quinoa  is a protein dense grain that is fluffy, slightly crunchy and has a deliciously subtle nutty flavor when cooked. Not only is it high in protein but the protein it … [Read more...]