Fun Halloween Party Games: Creating Toilet Paper Costumes

Assassin Pumpkin

Halloween is a big deal around our house. We love the chance to dress up in costumes and get silly for the night but it wouldn't be any fun by ourselves. We lure our friends over for an annual Halloween party with promises of delicious treats, many games and a few tricks. Normally we hold a costume contest but because of the terrible whether this year we decided to … [Read more...]

Halloween Decorating Ideas: The Greedy Pumpkin

Hershey and Pumpkin

Today as I was cleaning my house I was thinking about all the things I still had to accomplish - the articles to write, the homework, and that I still hadn't found time to squeeze in the gym this week. Sigh. About the time I tripped over my box of Halloween decorations in an effort to get to the broom, I realized our annual Halloween Party is only 10 days away and I … [Read more...]

What’s Your Secret Indulgence?

Cheetos Glow in the Dark

This post brought to you by Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine. Every woman has a secret indulgence. For some it's a warm bubble bath, a day at the spa, or juicy gossip magazine. For others it's the it's food like chocolates and other sweets. Usually an indulgence it's something we do in secret because we simply don't want to share. The … [Read more...]

Celebrate Halloween on the Wild Side: Boo at the Los Angeles Zoo!

boo at the zoo los angeles

My daughter loves the zoo. I’ve been taking her to the Los Angeles Zoo at least once a year since she was 1 years old. Her favorite exhibits are the toucans and gorillas. So she was super excited when I told her that we were going trick-or-treating at the zoo, especially since Halloween is her favorite holiday (well, after Christmas). This past Saturday, we headed … [Read more...]

Halloween Essentials For A Ghoulish Good Party

Hershey and Pumpkin

Remember a few days ago when I showed you all the reasons why I've been using MyPoints for over a decade? Here is another one - I can pick up all of my Halloween essentials for an awesome party by shopping through MyPoints. Not only will I pick up points as I shop, I can use my redeemed points for gift cards or cash to purchase the supplies. But I know, you're just … [Read more...]

5 of the Most Adorable Halloween Bento Box Ideas Ever!


I LOVE bento boxes. Browsing the web the other day I came across a ton of really fun Halloween bento box ideas! What a perfect way to make your child's (or husband's) Halloween lunch a little more fun and put a smile on their face. What is a Bento Box? A bento box is a specifically designed container to hold lunch for one person with individual compartments (great … [Read more...]