Spider Ice Cream Recipe: Halloween Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert

halloween spider ice cream sandwich recipe

In my opinion, mint and chocolate go together like spiders and shoes.  In fact, I am convinced that the reason people keep going back to Olive Garden is not for their alfredo, rather it is for the Andes Mints which they so generously give you at the end of the meal. Okay, well, maybe it is for both of those things. This is one spider, however, that you will want to … [Read more...]

When Mommy Deserves Dessert and A Night To Herself

Graeters Ice Cream 2

It doesn't happen very often but occasionally the stars align and mommy gets a night to herself. Even though I end up spending the majority of the night working and cleaning the house I always try to reserve some "me" time before I pass out early. It isn't very often that I can actually watch everything I record during the week. I don't remember the last time I got to … [Read more...]

House of Flavors is a Sweet Treat from the ’50s!

House of Flavors 5

I love diners, especially classic diners that make you feel like you've stepped back into time. The coolest diner I've ever been to is House of Flavors in Ludington, MI. It gets the title of "coolest" for a few reasons: It really was around in the 50's, it's not just made to look that way! The history is all over the walls - literally. It has a vintage juke … [Read more...]