2014 Disney Movie Slate: Muppets, Marvel, Maleficent and More

2014 Disney Movies

2013 was a banner year for Disney Studios with titles like Oz: The Great and Powerful, Iron Man 3, Monsters University, Thor: The Dark World and Frozen to name a few. I am ever so grateful to be a part of a small piece of these movies and like many Disney fans, we have been waiting to see the 2014 lineup. After seeing the 2014 lineup, I'm even more excited for the … [Read more...]

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: How to Get 25% off All Things Disney Frozen #DisneyFrozenEvent

Disney Frozen 9

Disney Frozen released in theaters November 27th, but even before movie debuted, the young and young at heart were getting excited for Disney's latest princesses. Now we've put together our toddler approved Disney Frozen Gift Guide to help you Santa, with his holiday shopping. PST!!! If you're shopping today, Cyber Monday, use promo code CYBER at checkout to get Free … [Read more...]

Kristin Bell as Anna in Disney’s Frozen #DisneyFrozenEvent


When I first heard that Kristin Bell would be in Disney's newest animated feature Frozen, I thought "Oh, cool!" I have no problem admitting that I'm a little bit fangirl for Kristin. But I didn't realize just how tailor-made she was for the voice of Anna until we sat down with her at a recent press trip for Disney's Frozen.  Kristin has had her eye on being … [Read more...]

Fun Trivia for Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

Sword In The Stone

For true admirers and fans of Walt Disney, The Sword in the Stone holds a special place as it was the last animated masterpiece whose release Walt Disney lived to see. Although Walt Disney never knew it, he himself was character designer Bill Peet's model for Merlin. Peet saw them both as argumentative, cantankerous, playful and very intelligent. Peet also gave Merlin … [Read more...]

A Chat with the Disney PLANES Director and Producer

disney PLANES Bravo and Echo

I grew up a military brat. My father was a "lifer" in the Marines and went from Embassy Duty in South Korea (where he met my mom), to a prison guard at "the brig", to a boot camp Drill Instructor and finally an avionics technician for F18 Fighter Jets. I lived and breathed the US Marine Corps. I was trained to say "Sir, Yes Sir" or "Sir, No Sir", did push ups as … [Read more...]

Mike and Sulley Throw the Ultimate Tailgate Party #MonstersUPremiere

Monsters University Los Angeles Premiere 20

As a Monsters University alumni, I'd been waiting for this week to arrive since April! While taking a fast track of Monsters University courses at the Pixar campus, I got the inside scoop on the making of Mike and Sulley's new student film about college life and how they came to be the scarers they are today. They invited us to their World Premiere in Los Angeles at … [Read more...]