Get The Facts On A Healthy Lifestyle + Southwestern Cheese Panini Recipe

Southwestern Cheese Panini

I've share numerous times that I rarely eat enough during the day. Aside from a busy schedule, I have been feeling very uninspired in the kitchen lately. I find myself eating the same healthful foods until I'm bored and standing in the middle of my kitchen wondering what to make. As part of my healthier eating initiative I've been working on expanding my "quick and … [Read more...]

“Sugar Free” Strawberry Mango Soy Smoothie Recipe + Join Us For a Splenda Twitter Party

Strawberry Mango Soy Smoothie

I have a mind blowing fact for you today. Did you know that experts recommend women consumer no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day? Unfortunately, the average American eats 22 teaspoons a day. But we have 5 easy tips to reduce your sugar intake, too. Recognize Sugar "Aliases" Fructose, Sucrose, Syrup, and Corn Sweetener are just a few.  Get it … [Read more...]

10 Fair Weather Wedding Appetizer Recipes

10 Wedding Appetizer Recipes

One of the best ways to keep your guest occupied during that time of transition between ceremony and reception is with food. Allow guest to pass the time by mingling over cocktails and appetizers. These particular appetizers are perfect for fair weather weddings - they're light, refreshing and cool. 10 Fair Weather Wedding Appetizer Recipes Guacamole … [Read more...]

Fun Dessert Recipes For Your NYE Party

chocolate bark with dried fruit and nuts recipe

My favorite parties to host are not sit down dinners, they are not formal affairs. My favorite parties are those where the guest are encouraged to eat, drink and socialize the night away. I'm a huge fan of appetizers and desserts in lieu of meals  - let's be honest those are often our favorite parts anyways. With that in mind, Monk Fruit In The Raw has some really … [Read more...]

A Great Example of Why #MoreisBetter: Grandma’s Cheesy Potato Recipe


The holidays are my favorite time of year for a varieties of reasons. The traditions, the festivities, the magic and oh the food. I find myself wishing for more throughout the year. How unfair is it that we only get lavish feast a few times a year? The turkey (or ham), the mashed potatoes, yam, cranberry sauce, the list is endless.  But my favorite dish at … [Read more...]

{Thanksgiving Recipe} French Silk Pie

pwpie (1)

A couple years ago I was in charge of the pies and the whipping cream. So as much as I wish I could tell you that someone in the family had a whipped cream allergy, the real reason there is only cream on half the pie is because I grossly underestimated how much cream you need to top three pies. Simply put, this is a decadent, creamy, thick, rich, amazing chocolate … [Read more...]