Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

I was an Apple user for years before my first foray into the Android market with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It was intuitive, 'smart' and could multi-task like no ones business. It was also the largest (although lightest) phone I had ever had. A few years ago the thinnest, lightest phone was the must have item but today the trend seems to be going towards … [Read more...]

Class is In Session! Get Educated in Skin Care with RoC Academy

RoC Party

A short time ago I brought you a review of the RoC Retinol Correxion Skincare line that my mom and I enjoyed. They were light, creamy and oil-free. While my mom has been happily using the products for the last two weeks; I have been doing some studying at the RoC Academy.  Not only did I gain enough information to answer some of the beauty questions you … [Read more...]

Can The Nokia Lumia Icon Keep Up On Our Family Vacation?

Nokia Lumia Icon

Everyone knows how much I geek out over new gadgets - especially new cell phones. So what better way to kick off my 3 week 'vacation' to Florida than with the delivery of a phone easily known for it's entertainment value, the Nokia Lumia Icon.  The experience begins with a  large 5in screen that combines Nokia ClearBlack Technology, … [Read more...]

What Are Your Skincare Issues? Wrinkles? Sun Damage? Let’s Chat.

RoC Skincare

As a 43 year old mom of five, and grandmother to three precious grand-babies, my mom looks phenomenal! But like many women, many years of chasing and laughing with kids is starting to show. She often complains about laugh lines and crows feet along her smile and eyes. The crux of it is, she has always taken great care of her skin and has taught me to do the same. Her … [Read more...]

Is Breakfast Part of Your Morning Routine?


We're officially half way through the school year and I've noticed something about the evolution of our morning routine. It's getting shorter. On the first day of school I awoke early (didn't even hit snooze) and made my toddler a very special breakfast. Both my husband and I helped her prepare for the day and dropped her off at school. On her first turn to bring … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why The 2014 Mazda 3S Will Surprise You

Mazda 2014

This winter Michigan has seen colder temps and the highest snowfall we have seen in decades. It's also been one of the saddest, with numerous care pile ups taking far too many lives. As I sat watching the news each night I could only shake my head. Then it happened. I had just dropped my daughter off at school and was making my way back home on a sheet of pure ice. I … [Read more...]