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Kids View: New Let’s Imagine Elmo with Friends

This weekend my Mom let me have an awesome party. I got to invite over four of my cousins and two friends too. It wasn’t a birthday party, or even a Halloween party, it was something much better – a toy party! My favorite person, he is like Santa but he drives a …

LeapBand Activity Tracker
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4 Ways The LeapBand Activity Tracker Makes Fitness Fun

According to the CDC, approximately 17%  of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. That’s 12.7 million kids. There are numerous health risks associated with obesity at a young age including: increased risk of heart disease high blood pressure diabetes breathing problems trouble sleeping But what really kills me is …


Recipes and Tips For Keeping Kids Healthy and Hydrated This Summer

All of spring I was looking forward to summer. To the camping, the s’mores, and trips to the zoo. So much so that I forgot about the other tell tales signs of summer. I forgot about the way children mysteriously find themselves gravitating toward the outdoors finding ways to occupy …


Where To Stay In Alaska: Large Waterfall Resort or Quaint Steamboat Bay?

When people think of Alaska the images they conjure up tend to differ. Some think of a mother moose and her calf, some picture glaciers and mountains, others imagine days spent boating and fishing King Salmon, Halibut and Rock Fish. If it’s any of the above, then Waterfall Resort and Steamboat …

Evenflo ProComfort

Possibly The Only Carseat You Will Ever Want or Need

At four years old, Maddilyn has already been through five carseats and let me tell you, they aren’t cheap! We started with the traditional infant carrier. It was cute and flowery but quickly outgrown and a baby with milk intolerance did not leave it nearly as pretty as when we started. …

VTech Smartwatch

A Childs Perspective on The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

So my mom brought home another “surprise” for me. She called it a present and I knew right away it was not, in fact, a present. Presents are what you get on holidays and your birthday. You open them and play with them. The End. What she usually brings me …

2015 Hyundai Sonata

The NEW 2015 Hyundai Sonata Offers Something For Everyone

A few weeks ago, my plane touched down in Montgomery, Alabama for the media introduction of the New 2015 Hyundai Sonata. In addition to spending a few hours and a couple hundred miles getting to know the Sonata, I also got the unique opportunity to tour the Hyundai Plant, just …


Sheshco Mediterranean Grill Offers Delicious Cuisine

Grand Rapids is one of Michigan’s most vibrant and rich cities. It’s cultural events, world-renown art, museums and historical sites  give the city a special place in my heart. Every year we attend both the Art Festival and Comedy Festival. As a family we love to sneak down for the zoo, …

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

5 Changes to The Galaxy S5 That Users Will Love

I received my Samsung Galaxy S4 about a year ago and from that point on, I was a loyal Galaxy user. I shared it with friends, I bragged it up – I even converted both of my sisters. So you can imagine my excitement when I recieved the Samsung Galaxy …

Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode

The Safest Kids Mode Of Any Phone Yet #GalaxyS5

Coming from the Samsung Galaxy S4, I knew there would be many new things to love about the Samsung Galaxy S5 – its water resistance, S Health, and Multi-Tasking Features just to name a few. But I was most interested in Kids Mode. My daughter is a tech savvy four …