{Thanksgiving Recipe} French Silk Pie

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A couple years ago I was in charge of the pies and the whipping cream. So as much as I wish I could tell you that someone in the family had a whipped cream allergy, the real reason there is only cream on half the pie is because I grossly underestimated how much cream you need to top three pies. Simply put, this is a decadent, creamy, thick, rich, amazing chocolate … [Read more...]

{Thanksgiving Recipe} Cute Turkey Sandwich


Were you so thrilled to see a recipe for a "turkey sandwich"? It kind of made me laugh to call it that, but really, that's what it is! What a darling way to serve a fun lunch to get the kids excited about Thanksgiving! You can make whatever sandwich you want (to be cruelly ironic you could even make a turkey sandwich ;), use a variety of apple slices for the feathers … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Kids DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Muffins

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The big day is drawing near! Check out these cute little turkey muffins (no actual turkey in the muffins, that would be gross)! Thanks, Parenting.com {Recipe} Kids' DIY Turkey Muffins Recipe Type: main Author: Parenting.com Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Ingredients Pumpkin muffins red apple green apple sliver of … [Read more...]