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5 Tips For An Awesome Family Vacation

March is finally here and kids everywhere are counting down the minutes to Spring Break. When the final bell sounds, families everywhere will be loading up the minivans (or SUVs) and heading off across the state, across the country or even across the world. Ensuring an awesome family vacation for both you …

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Tips For Planning Your First Cruise

Planning your first cruise can be an exciting but nerve wracking time. There are so many cruise lines, ships, ports and destinations to choose from. Then you have to determine a length of stay and of course fill your time on and off the ship. With the help of MSC …

Philea Resort and Spa 8

A Luxurious Lush Escape in the Heart of Malacca, Malaysia

There is a place in Malacca where a babbling brook cuts through leafy trees who offer shade to two story log cabins. This little piece of paradise is home to the 5-star Philea Resort. Pulling up on it’s brick drive, my travel group was deposited at the open air lobby for …

Girl Playing in Snow

5 Unique Christmas Vacation Destinations For A White Christmas

This post brought to you by Best Western. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Surf and Sunshine. The holidays are busy time of year so what better excuse for those with wanderlust to plan an escape? For me, it isn’t the Holidays without snow covered roof tops …

Batu Caves7

Visiting Lord Murugan at the Batu Caves in Malaysia

Standing at the base of the stairs and looking up 272 steps, I stared at the opening of a cave system said to be close to 400 million years old. Originally the Batu Caves were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people. It’s name derives from the Sungai Batu …

Bullock Cart Village6

The time I rode a water buffalo in a rice paddy field of Malaysia

It’s the goal of every traveler to make meaningful experiences on their journeys. Those experiences? They’re made by the people we meet along the way. By opening ourselves up to intimate moments we create our stories. I had one of those days while traveling in Malaysia. It’s the kind of day …

Kauai Shores Hotels

Meet the Cheery Beachfront Kauai Shores Hotel

Normally before a trip I spend a small amount of time getting myself aquainted with the hotels, activities and areas I’ll be experiencing. However, with a last minute hotel change (as sometimes happens during travel) and a hectic schedule I hadn’t got the chance to give Kauai Shores Hotel a …


When was the last time you took your family on vacation?

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Surf and Sunshine. How would your family like a free trip to New York? How about San Diego? Well, if that sounds like great time to you, enter the Atlantic Luggage Sweepstakes to win a …


A Scent That Carries A Memory of An Incredible Vacation

I’ve been to the ocean numerous times in my life. I’ve visited both the Atlantic and the Pacific states like Maryland, Florida, California and even Canada. As often as I have visited the ocean still failed to hold the significance to me that it does for so many other people. …

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James Foley: A Beacon of Courage and Truth

As I drove to work this morning, I listened to the story of James Foley on NPR. While I heard about his work and his shocking death, I found myself full of heartache for this man and his family along with admiration for his work. The American photo-journalist went missing …