8 Things You Should Do Before Your Wedding Day


The month leading up to the wedding is full of last minute errands, realizing forgotten tasks and in general, just stressing yourself out. It's easy to let the lack of sleep and extra stress take it's toll on your body. We've put together a list of 8 Things You Should Do Before Your Wedding in order to prepare you for looking and feeling your best on one of the … [Read more...]

Photography: Using Props to Create Fun and Unique Wedding Photos

Using Props in Wedding Photos

Despite all of the souvenirs from your wedding (the dress, his cuff links, your garter) one of the most looked at and memorable of keepsakes are your photographs. Incorporate more than just people into your wedding photos to make them truly memorable. Adding props to your wedding photography lets your personality shine and add a unique style to your photos. Choose … [Read more...]

Our Custom Destination Wedding Save the Dates

destination wedding save the dates

I must have been crazy trying to plan a wedding in just four and a half months - just completely off my rocker. Seriously. And a destination wedding, no less. So as June was coming to a close, I realized that we hadn't even created our guest list, much less picked out wedding stationary. While this *is* the 21st Century, and I *am* a hard core digital girl, it doesn't … [Read more...]

11 Inspirations For A Chic DIY Rustic Wedding

DIY Rustic Wedding

Source Wedding Bee Pro In Michigan we have many awesome venues that offer the perfect setting for a rustic wedding. From old barns to pre civil war churches to gorgeous gardens there are so many options. Even with a proper setting it takes a clear vision and inspiration to keep a rustic wedding chic and modern.So check out these inspirations for a DIY Rustic … [Read more...]

Have a True Fairy Tale Wedding With The Disney Cinderella Collection


A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Every girl dreams and dreams of their big day. From the groom to the cake, everything is meticulously planned and ideas are fostered for years. I always dreamed of my wedding day and growing up I wanted a Cinderella inspired wedding. I wanted the horse drawn carriage, the ball gown, and the handsome groom - skip the evil step sisters … [Read more...]

I Heart UnMatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Unmatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Have I ever told you my wedding was a disaster? Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of love there and my family made it so special. However, about 8 months before my wedding we found out that we were due to have a "surprise" in 7 months! At about this time hormones were ruling my life and I  was adamant that I would be married before my surprise … [Read more...]