{Thanksgiving Recipe} Cute Turkey Sandwich

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Were you so thrilled to see a recipe for a “turkey sandwich”? It kind of made me laugh to call it that, but really, that’s what it is! What a darling way to serve a fun lunch to get the kids excited about Thanksgiving! You can make whatever sandwich you want (to be cruelly ironic you could even make a turkey sandwich ;), use a variety of apple slices for the feathers (and a little piece of apple for the “gobbly thing”), a carrot for the beak and legs, and either icing eyes or, I think I will just use some googly eyes and take them off before the kids eat it.

PS Did you know the fleshly appendage near a turkey’s beak is called a “wattle”? However, after checking out a bunch of recipes and crafts, the unofficial consensus of human kind is that it should actually be called the “gobbly thingy”. Now you know!

Thanks for the fun idea, Meet the Dubiens!

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