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Avoid The Hassle of Airport Parking with The Parking Spot

This post brought to you by The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine.

For someone who has traveled over 75,000 miles this year you would think that travel for me would be a breeze. And while it does get easier to navigate the airports and going through security is less daunting – I still find the entire airport experience a hassle. From not being able to find a parking spot, the long trek from the car to the airport with baggage weighing me down, to finding the proper gate (because you KNOW it’s inevitably changed) the entire experience can be a real pain the you-know-what.

But in December I was able to try The Parking Spot for 1 week. With thoughtful features like complimentary bottled water  and USA Today the Parking Spot had me taking notice. But it’s the entire experience that made me fall in love.

I love that I can drive myself to the airport and park my car in a securely fenced, well lit area. The luggage assistance and the quick shuttles every 5-7 minutes mean I don’t have trek through parking lots weighed down by bags. And when I get home, weary after long days of action packed travel there is a shuttle waiting right at baggage claim to take me to my car.

More of my favorite benefits to using the Parking Spot include:

  • the comfort and convenience of driving myself to the airport
  • having my car parked safely in a secure location – many locations also offer covered parking (a big relief in areas like New York or Chicago, where the last thing you want to find after a trip is your vehicle covered in snow)
  • no long drop-off “procedures” – simply enter, park, get a ticket and go.
  • quick and friendly checkout
  • Friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes
  • Covered, open-air and valet parking available (select locations)
  • Always open
  • Airport parking reservations available Car care services, including car washes and oil changes available in some markets

Now through Labor Day you can take advantage of the Spot Easy Savings promotion available at Parking Spots nationwide and save 15% OFF PARKING at The Parking Spot.

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