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5 Tips for the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Experience

Eat|See|Hear has perfected the experience of outdoor cinema with great movies, popular food trucks, and live bands in some of L.A.’s best locations. This past summer viewers had the choice between drive-in movies on a rooftop and picnic style in local parks. I had the pleasure of attending the 25th Anniversary of Big at La Cienega Park and enjoying front row access in the fashionably late Pop Chips section.

zoltar from big

5 Tips for Watching Outdoor Movies

Fashionably Late is the Way to Go. For an extra $10 you can arrive when the band starts and sit in the front of the crowd. This perk is extremely worth it to me, because I don’t have to stand in line (there will be enough of that from the food trucks) or fight my way through the crowd to inch my blanket as close as possible.

Camera 360

Scope out the list of food trucks in advance. Eat See Hear keeps a handy schedule of the food trucks confirmed for each movie, its almost just like the glow-in-the-dark compass ring Josh gives to Susan so she doesn’t get lost. I knew that my first stop after throwing down the blanket would be the Lobsta Truck for a buttery lobster roll, but I did spend sometime checking out each trucks menu for the night during the set by Loomis and the Lust.

Pack a tarp or picnic blanket that is waterproof.  The grass in LA can put out a good amount of dew during dusk and without this simply precaution you will end up with wet butt. You may not notice at first, but after the first hour you will not be into the dew. If you plan to make outdoor movies a regular night out (which I highly recommend) invest in a waterproof picnic blanket, a summer 6inch or lower beach chairs. This way you have a dry bottom and can lean back.

Bring a hoodie or two and plenty of blankets. Sometimes I forget that sunny California is not so warm at night. Once the sun sets the temp can sometimes drop into the fifties, but when you have a hoodie and blanket to snuggle you won’t be distracted from the movie and miss scenes like Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia playing Heart and Soul on a giant floor piano. You can also hide your face under the blanket during the Eat See Hear Scream! series scariest movie scenes.

Camera 360

Try Something New. Josh Baskin was thrown into the body of 30 year old man and tried quite a few things like getting a job, renting an apartment, and dating a women to name a few. I took the opportunity of having 10 food trucks in front of me to try a little from a lot. I had a really great iced chai coffee from Brasil Kiss and mouth-watering banana chocolate bread pudding from B Sweet Mobile.

While the summer session is over for Eat|See|Hear, they still have two wonderful fall series you can enjoy. Friday nights through October join Eat|See|Hear as they co-produce the Front Porch Cinema Series on the Santa Monica Pier. You can sit back and relax on old school lawn chairs and the best part is it is FREE! Don’t forget to spend a Saturday or two this Shocktober watching movies like The Shining on the biggest outdoor screen west of the Mississippi.

Thank you to Eat|See|Hear for providing complimentary tickets. All opinions remain my own.

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